How do I retain more body heat?

Q:I’m a slender, white (really pale), young woman and I don’t seem to retain body heat well. I get cold all the time but I hate wearing sweaters all the time too. I go to a school where the heat is not turned on too often. Anyone got any suggestions on how I can retain more body heat?
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I guess you are refering to thermoregulation, people that live in very cold regions can maintain their body heat by preventing heat loss.Maintaining body temperature is very complex. It also takes a lot of energy. About 80% of the energy from the food you eat goes to maintaining body temperature. Basically, the chemical reactions of metabolism of stored food, especially fats, generate heat as a by product. This heat warms the body. The brain reads temperature and controls to some extent the rate of this metabolism. There are also many other mechanisms triggered by the brain to keep the core of your body warm, even if the periphery (skin) is cold. Blood vessels to the fingers and toes constrict, so that the cold air doesn’t cool the blood too much, so that cooled blood doesn’t cool down the heart and brain when it returns. In severe cases, your body will sacrifice a finger or a toe to keep you from dying of cold core temperature thereby, saving your life!. Also the brain can order a lot of muscles to contract rapidly. This generates a lot of heat quickly, a response called shivering.
I was always thin, as well, and always cold. I used to have to wear a coat in the summer when I went into air conditioning. While I wasn’t lazy, I never really exercised. The company I worked for participated in a corporate olympic program sponsored by the Y; and, while nobody came out and said as much, participation was mandatory. I figured that if I was going to have to do this, I’d better get in shape. So, I started exercising three or four nights a week in the company gym. I started to notice that I didn’t need a coat or sweater when I went into air conditioning. The exercise was the only difference. After the olympics, I quit exercising (of course); and after a while, I went back to being cold again. Now I do Tai Chi and Yoga to boost my circulation.
Cover your head (with a hat)The head is the place where body heat is lost most rapidly.Besides that, wear a singlet or spencer underneath your clothing if you don’t like wearing sweaters over the top.Stay out of the wind and keep dry.
eat more spicy food. it helps a lot, i eat a spicy meal and i feel warm and the spicy elements help your circulation also
Long underwear is great. Silk, in particular, if you can afford it, because it is so thin and retains heat and breathes too. Many people who are slight of frame wear them all winter. Lands End has silk longies for $25 each piece.A nightly bath raises my body temp in the wintertime and helps me sleep. Also, regular exercise will improve your circulation.
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Take the homeopathic remedies CARBO VEG 30 and CHINA 30 thrice a day half hour before meals regularly and you will be cured of this very soon. No Side Effects and No Complications.Take Care and God Bless you !
The best way is to take an iron supplement. This makes your blood more rich and thick and you will not be as cold. That is what they tell surgical interns because the ORs are always cold. Trust me it works
Hats are good suggestions.Also, pay attention to what type of clothes you wear. Cotton fabrics don’t retain a lot of heat. Wools, like cashmere, merino and others will help retain heat – unless they are wet. Silks, when layered can also help keep heat.Polyester or acrylic retain heat better than cotton – although can also retain moisture, so if you sweat alot, wool would be better solution.Also, your feet radiate a lot of heat. so if you don’t normally wear something on your feet, consider wool socks or tights and different footwear.Wear layers, so you can adjust as the day goes on.
Use the search engines to do further research on a topic like this. Use key words regarding hypothermia and camping. It is a topic in camping. Someone once told me a lot of heat is lost from the head. I guess this may be due to there being a lot of blood circulating through the head. So try wearing a stocking cap or something to keep your head warm.
We are just alike! I am slender, white really pale but older than you and I have always been cold natured. I have found that if I layer my clothing it helps a lot. And I have started taking vitamins for circulation. Another thing that has helped is I go outside everyday even in the dead of winter. We have cold winters in Virginia. But I wear a coat but stay out about 5 minutes at first. The next day, about 10 minutes and then I start to shed the coat and try to stay 5 minutes and work my way up to 10. I have found that progressively getting accustomed to the cold is a good way to stay warm.
It’s a proven fact that most body heat excapes threw the top of the head. wear a hat.
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