Medical/alternative treatment of MYOPIA?

Q:Myopia, a refractive disorder of eyes requires concve leses for seeing clearly. Is there any medical/ alternative tretment available to correct/treat this condition or stop progression of MYOPIA.
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FOR INCEASING MYOPIA-LASER TREATMENT IS PREFERABLE. THE FOLLOWING CAN BE TRIED BUT NOT CERTAIN TO GIVE U THE CURE.hOMEO: physostigma 200/5ml/no.40 globules./dosage 5 pills on togue 7am and bed time for 7 days. results can be obtained afteer 20 days. repeat the course infrequently. eye exercises of Dr. Agarwal can also yied results
It progresses with age upto 17 – 18 yrs, but you can halt progression by using contact lenses. Alternately you could go for LASIK – laser surgery for permanant cure.
Only surgery, as lasik or radial keratotomy (which is basically the same format, but by laser) to my understanding.
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