What causes blister-like sores on palate?

Q:My mom had strep throat last week and now her palate is very hurt . She says it feels like its peeling and she hasnt been able to eat..could that be the reason..it hurts all the way to her ear..since everythings all connected.what can she do..is there a medicine to cure this?
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She may have eaten something too hot. I have has that happen before.
IT could be infected.. I would suggest seeing a doctor and he can give her some sort of antibiotic for that.I don’t thnk there’s anything over the counter that willwork It might have something to do with the strep throat, but there is also a possibility that she has an allergy to acidic foods. (tomatoes, oranges, etc.) Sometimes after an infection or virus your immunity or histamine production can be low. She should experiment to see what makes it flare up. See how long it lasts.Then see a Dr.
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