What to do when your throat hurts and feels chalky?

Q:Any one knows a good over the counter medicine for this PLEASE help!
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Well, Tylonol is always a safe bet. It’s supposed to help a ton of symptoms, so I’m assuming it’d be applicable in this case. Typically, I, myself, am totally against medicine (except for pills) because of the HORRID flavor, but if you’re okay with the medical cherry flavor, it should be okay. IF not, here’s what I do. Drink tons of water, eat some ice cream (for the pain in your throat to numb), avoid milk (i think I heard it sticks to phlegm and makes more mucus), and drink some tea. That way, it might help numb/dissolve whatever hurts your throat. Warm tea, preferrably, to wash down the stuff stuck on your throat. If there’s nothing stuck, and it’s just… pain, I’d say give it some time and sleep it off, or, again, liquids (non-carbonated because sometimes the carbonated beverages sting your throat). lol. yeah i’m rambling, but hopefully that helps! (I’m not a doctor, so don’t take my word for it!)That was my opinion that personally works for me. But here’s what Baptist Memorial Health Care has to say…”There are several simple methods to help relieve the pain of a sore throat:* gargle with a commercial mouthwash or a saltwater solution,* suck a throat lozenge. Some contain a mild anesthetic which may make your mouth feel a bit numb, but it will relieve the pain,* rest your throat by talking less and by switching to a liquid diet for a short while,* take aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen (remember that children should not take aspirin) , and* use a humidifier if the air is dry, or breathe the steam from hot water, as in a hot shower.You should seek the advice of your healthcare provider if:* the sore throat lasts more than a few days,* you have difficulty swallowing,* you have difficulty catching your breath,* you have a high temperature (above 104 degrees Fahrenheit) ,* you develop swollen lymph nodes in your neck, an earache, or joint pains.” The source is sited in “know your source?” section if you need more info. again, hopefully this helps!
honey tea hot
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slippery elm lozenges
Ice cream.
IF warm salt water does not help you try ginger and hot water take about a teaspoon full of ginger with hot water as hot as you can get it and that should take care of it. It might not taste great but it works.
🙂 Yeah, you just need to go home and ask your wife what to do. (: Soup is good!
I have always drank something with sugar in it to coat the throat. Usuall, I will suck on a popsicle. It is cold and feels good on the throat and the sugar will coat it.
Honey really helps!
Gargle with warm salt water. This will help and you don’t have to spend money on stuff that either will have the same effect or don’t work at all.
gargle with TCP.
drink more water.
chloraseptic (sp?), tylenol cold.
How are you going to discover which answer is the best? Try ALL suggestions?
just drink herbal tea like chamomlie
You can try any of those lozenges or sprays, but I have found that those only work for about 10 minutes, at the most. You can also try gargling with warm salted water a few times a day.One thing you should do is get a flashlight and a spoon, use the spoon to press your tongue down and use the flashlight to look at your throat in a mirror (or you can have someone else look at it for you). If it’s red, then your throat is just irritated and will get better in time. What you need to look for are white or yellow sores (I know, it sounds gross) on your throat. If there are sores, you need to go to a Doctor. These sores usually mean strep throat or mono. Good luck – I hope you feel better soon!
Sore Throat Here are a few tips to get rid of the common sore throat: Eat garlic, yes, if you’ve read any of the other cures on this website you’ll find that garlic is the leading treatment to many problems. It is because Garlic contains a antiviral and antibacterial agent. So eat your garlic, it’s good for you. You can also get garlic pills, but I prefer the fresh garlic. Now here is a little drink that will help sooth a sore throat. Add lemon juice (from one lemon) some honey, to a glass of hot water. You’ll feel a lot better instantly. I actually like to do this, but I will put the lemon and honey in a chamomile tea. Gargle with warm salt water. Once you get rid of the sore throat, get rid of your toothbrush, it may give you the sore throat again, and you don’t want to get it back, so time to go to the drugstore and get a new one. Try rubbing it against a blackboard to see if you can write your name…
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