‘Shiatsu’ treatments. Does anyone have personal recommendations regarding this?

Q:If you have any personal (and I’m looking for ‘Serious’ replies) experiences regarding this – or similar treatments, please let me know.
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It’s an energy based treatment. If you get someone that can ‘work’ the energy then it can make the world of difference. Not everyone can ‘feel’ the energy. I have had shiatsu of someone who is now training others but didn’t think enough of it to go back for more.I have had Tui Na massage where my legs felt as if i was a teenager again.At the moment i get regular reflexology. She was trained in Japan and is absolutely awesome. Today she managed to loosen my shoulders and eased my eyestrain to the point my headache is gone (i had it 3 days).Like i said, it’s all a matter of finding someone that works for you. And for what it is worth; some of the best charge the least. In my experience.
Can’t really give a recommendation, I’ve never had it done. It is in the line of massage therapy, most who do shiatsu take specific courses for that. It’s a form of acupressure, treating pressure points in the body to treat a wide variety of conditions. I would say have a treatment, form your own opinion. It can be a little painful, pressure points in the body are tender but you should have pain relief after the session.
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