Can you buy Prozac online without a prescription?

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I am an alternative medicinal therapist and I can tell you that unless you are a Dr you can’t buy it. You have to give the name of the surgery etc, that’s the law in the UK. You may find a company that is not so strict but I can’t see it. You would be better off with st johns wort it is the equivalent of Prozac without the nasty side effects. Gloria(BSYA)
Drugs like that are nothing to play around with from an on line site. Go see a doctor and IF you need it you’ll have a prescription made for you.. I did not like the side affects from Prozac.. make sure you read up on it. Can you? Yes.Is it legal? No.Why? Because it is a medication that alters your brain chemistry and the government prefers that you have a, you know, doctor monitoring that.It is also important to know that increased serotonin levels may be difficult to cope with initially in the absense of professional counseling. With newfound energy but old-style depressed belief systems, you may be at risk of suicide or other violent behavior. You should be counseled during this period.A free mental health clinic in your area will be able to offer monitoring, prescriptions and counseling services.
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