I often have trouble falling asleep because my mind won’t relax. Any remedies besides warm milk?

Q:I often have trouble falling asleep because my mind won’t relax. Any remedies besides warm milk?
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A warm bath, lavender anything, lotion, temple balm, body wash, Drink Sleepy Time tea, its has Chammomile in it, and other herbs to make you relax and sleepy. i take Ambien, prescribed from my doctor on top of these hope these help sweet dreams I found great relief through guided imagery.I highly recommend Belleruth Naparstek’s Guided Imagery for Relaxation.It’s about $15 on www.amazon.com
Melatonine supplement..It really works.. Tylenol PM – it really works! or a joint would do too.
a help guide for falling asleep,hope it helps you.http://www.helpguide.org/life/sleep_tips.htm
When i go to bed I always mentally scan through my closet to decide what to wear the next day to work. I start at one end and just go from there. I consider color , material , whether or not it will be comfy, etc etc. By the time i usually get to about the middle of my walk in closet well, im out cold. I know it sounds kinda stupid , but its worked for me for years. Try it , it may work for you as well. Besides what do you have to loose other than sleep?? If I were you I would try Melatonin as mentioned previously just to try start with the 1mg. If that doesn’t work try an herbal tea known as either Sweet Dreams or Sleepy Time Tea. Source(s):Experience
cooling effects of cucucmber and other gourds may provide the relaxing effect on you.try also apples,green mango juice and wear the light blue and green clothes.these may help you to develop a normal pattern of sleep at night.avoid hearing news and watching tv or this may add worries to yourself.try to detect the cause of your disorder.try to say this with faith- lord GOD heal me and cleanse from my sin.i believe in you and may you guide me always.in JESUS name ,AMEN! Ive tried this all natural supplement called Mona-Vie and its helped me a lot. Source(s):http://www.mymonavie.com/drkalia/
focus on your breathing. just slowly breathe in all the way and then exhale without pausing. focus only on the breath. in all the way and out. you’ll nod off soon enough I try to turn off the tv and get off the computer for the last 30-45 minutes before bed. I even moved the tv out of my room because I would just lay in bed all night watching it. I also try to go bed at about the same time every night, and keep the same routine at bedtime. For a while I was taking a warm bath right before bed and that really helped relax me and calm me down, especially if I used an aromatherapy bubble bath or something. I found that all of that really helped.
Have you thought about the reasons why your mind won’t relax? Are you feeling restless because of some serious problems you’re facing (at work, with family, etc.)?Here are some useful suggestions:DOS:a) Try yogab) Try deep breathingc) Try meditation (look for someone who can coach you)d) Try eating turkey (no joke)e) Go to the gym 3 times a week and do 2-hour workouts (especially cardios). It does the trick for meDONTS:a) Don’t drink alcohol or recreational drugs to induce sleepb) Don’t watch tv late at nightc) Don’t let your mind wander into work stuff or any stressful situation you lived through the dayGood luck.
Yes, I understand, my mind can go round and round thinking about everything when I get in bed. However, when I take some melatonin I am asleep within 5 minutes, mind going around and around or not. Deep Breathing, and i use a fan for the white noise, works like a charm for me.
Homeopathic Treatment :-COFFEA CRUDA 30C thrice a day half hour before or after meals will cure you in a few days 100%.Take Care and God Bless you !
maybe you’re suffering from insomnia. my doctor told me to eat 1 or 2 apple about one hour before bed or you try turkey,
I would advise you to set a specific time every night to go to sleep and only sleep in your room (some people read, study, eat, and do other stuff in their room). When you associate you bedroom to sleep only, your mind will quickly get accustumed with it and you will have no trouble falling asleep. Even if you are not sleepy, always go to bed at the time that you set for you to go to sleep every night. Warm milk and a bath before going to bed will also help you.This is really important, remove everything that you think will distract you from your sleep; example TV (do not turn it on before you go to sleep because even if you plan to watch for only 1 hour you can always end up watching for 4 hours or more), cell phones, and if you have a phone in your room, turn the ringer off. Slow music and prayer can help you too. I hope that will help you. Good luck! 🙂 Masterbation
you can try Melatonin, its something your body produces naturally but you can supplementor you can try tylenol pm. it works pretty good
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