What kind of drugs can I get for $20?

Q:What kind of drugs can I get for $20?
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How about you get something that wont ruin you life..? save your money! you’ll need it for bail someday cuz you’ll probably end up in jail. lol
a couple of bottles of Tylenol and a bag of jellybeans. A CUP OF STUPID AND A BOWL OF DUMBJUST SAY NO TO DRUGS
6 packs of anadin, and listen to surfergirl – she’s quoted The Verve. Sound advice. several cans of coffee make and drink it all – just like speedorgo to church put the 20 spot in the offering plate when it comes around at the end of the service go to the alter and accept Jesus its the best high you will ever have.
The illegal kind, This isn’t the place to be looking for drugs: SO DON’T don’t even go there. anything you take need to come from a doctor and for you only
lots of Coca Cola dont be dumb buy gold
the kind that will ruin your life, dont go that way drugs are the beggining of the end , some kill faster than others , some let you suffer for years, its not worth it , life is for the living have fun enjoy life all you can , the rides over way to soon You can get 2 ten sacks.You can get 2 rocks.You can get a blast of heroinand I’m probably gonna get reported
DONT DO DRUGS!! the drugs dont work, they just make it worse.
It depends..gram of DRO, 2 grams of regular weed, Half gram of COKE, an EXTASTY pill, TRIPLE C-($5), gram of SALVIA(legal) It depends on wat kind of high u want. what are you looking for
you can usually get an e pill for about $20, just gotta have the right connections, depending where you live you can get about 4 percocets for $20 asprin, or a dub bag of buds
A few rocks of crack, a quarter sack of weed, a bump of coke. std!
Why don’t you buy something that is worth having, like food for your kids who are probably sitting at home starving because they ignorant mother is a fuc**** drug addict. Grow up and learn something before you end up in rehab, dead or in jail. what kind of drugs? hahah if its the coke and shizz prolly none!
a little bit of anything you want about 50 g of marijuana here in brazil of course
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