Is there a website with instructions on how to take out your appendix without anastetic?

Q:I heard this can be costly in a hospital so I thought I would do it myself, in case my appendix ever burst. For the moment I am fine.I have a table, knife, some cotton, a mirror and alcohol. I even have a bed and ice cream for post surgery.I don’t want anastesia and I’d like to give it a try myself. Any websites I should check out or does anyone know what to do??
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There probably is a website out there but I would recommend becoming a doctor before attempting such a thing. Try searching for colleges with medicine degrees. Oh, and good luck with your insurance company – they make us all scared to go to the doctor.
yeah1-800-SUICIDEgive them a call, because that is what you are asking for. You can’t perform surgery on yourself, and even if you didn’t manage to cut a major artery, damage other internal organs, bleed to death – you would most certainly end up with one heck of an infection. So why don’t you start preparing your will, because trying to do this yourself isn’t just stupid, it’s suicide.
You are a first class idiot
The world needs ditch diggers too.
Sadly there likely is a website explaining the very thing you ask. However I would caution you in doing so. Your writing structure is decent so I’m guessing you are educated to some degree and either trying to make a statement or just have shitty insurance. Could be you are just a regular middle class person like myself who is frightened to go to the doctor in fear of having to take a second mortgage out on your house to have any medical procedure done. I think your question belongs before the house of representatives, not in this forum. There are millions, no probably more than that, Americans in the same situation asking themselves the same question. Pathetic really and very very sad.
if u dont eat crappy **** and ur diet is well, and ur medical history doesnt hint of u possibly having any internal organ problems..then ur good. otherwise.if it did’d be on the ground crying and would be in no condition to attempt to pick up a knife. and even if you tried to do it w/o would pass out from all the pain and then you would just bleed out..and die..on the flor, or bed or table or wherever ur planning to do it. so yea.good luck if you try! heh
” in case my appendix ever burst. For the moment I am fine.”If your appendix did in fact burst, my understanding is that you’d be in an unbelievable amount of pain and it would be unlikely that you would be steady or clear headed enough to perform such a procedure should it be necessary. Since you’ve got time to prepare, perhaps an emergency medical fund might be something to consider setting up.good luck!
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