Why do people believe that you can sweat out toxins?

Q:I keep hearing people say that you can sweat out toxins. In medical physiology books and anatomy books I can find no mechanism for sweat glands or the body to sweat out toxins. Still, these naturopathic or homepathic or . people keep telling everyone that you can sweat out toxins. Go figure!
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Here are two articles, one says you do sweat toxins another says it is a myth. That is why people believe you can, because of so much conflicting information.
maybe they confuse sweat with urine? I’ve also heard similar claims for expiration
Its not a matter of scientifical proof that you can sweat out toxins. Its about believing you can sweat out toxins. It’s all in your head. For those who believe it, they’ll go on feeling refreshed and great after a sweaty workout just because they sweat. And if he feels great, whats the problem?
they are dumb
Well, you can sweat out metabolites so.maybe that’s what we think. When we say toxins, we’re thinking “by-products we no longer need that our body is trying to get out.” They come out in all sorts of ways. So.the operational definition of toxin is key here.
Are you some sort of doctor. No one can really know unless they are doctors, but I doubt swaet actually does that because I thought sweat just cooled the body.
When you speak of “medical physiology books and anatomy books,” you are only referencing one authority — that of the allopathic model aside from neutral references of Biology as found in the texts on Anatomy. ‘Careful about this. Absence of evidence of the truth that you can sweat out toxins in the one– as claimed by one medical modality — is not evidence of absence in still another model, which can be just as viable.Beware of fallacies. Anyone who perspires, urinates, defecates and even breathes outward — is ridding him- or herself of toxins or pathogens. ‘Nothing exotic about this notion, this truth!
The skin has multiple functions including helping to eliminate waste (toxins) from the body. Where do you think sweat comes from? It comes from the same source as any other fluid in your body. Consequently, it can pick up the same products in the system as other flluids. While to a lesser extent than the kidneys, sweat can “help” eliminate toxins from the body. One significant example are diabetics. When their blood sugar is out of control, their kidneys start excreting ketones through the urine, which are poisonous to the body. So do the sweat glands. Anyone who has been around a diabetic recognizes the tell-tale smell of a diabetic who has a high blood sugar. Ketones have a slightly fermented fruity smell and you can smell it because the body is sweating it out of the system.
exercising is the best way to detoxify, because the toxins are removed thru perspiration, we need to be correctly hydrated to dilute the accumulated toxins from our body. Skin is the largest organ and it has sweat glands that help u every moment by clearing us from the toxins, so be thankful of the fact that yes sweating does detoxify us or we would have been in great danger. www.fitnesshigh.com
That is more of a statement and not a question? Why did Yahoo Answers Delete 4 of my Answers in a 24 hour period?
toxins are spread through the body via bodily fluids.out the body via fluids..and via chunksIf you can pee out toxins, you can probably sweat them out too
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