Popping pills?

Q:is popping pills is a faster way to kill yourself?
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dont pop pills to top yourself, there are far easier ways to kill yourself but what the point? if youre serious about wanting to end it all get some help but dont od on pills, itlly just ruin your renal system for the rest of your life. there are quicker.messier but quicker.ways to end it but as this forum is open to everyone i wont cant tell you, not that i would but hey what can you do? pills arent the way to go though
Well, I have taken as many as 80 or so at a time and all it did was make me sick.. there are faster and better ways but don’t do it..any way.
yes it is most pills are time released when you snort them you get it all at once and that is why a lot of people OD
What are you thinking?! Surely life for you isn’t so bad you need to kill yourself. Please talk to someone. You may not care about me but I’m gonna tell you my story anyway. On July 7th of this year a lady ran a stop sign and I hit her hard. I was going between 55 and 60 mph. I was 8 months pregnant. She was gonna be my first baby. Zoe (baby) did not make it. I broke my right leg and shattered my right ankle and almost died myself because of losing so much blood. Life for me has been really hard and at first I did want to die. I never tried to kill myself but asked God to take me. I started going to church and it has really helped. God has a reason for everything and I think he may have spared me so I can help other people that may be going through the same thing. I don’t know what your situation is but whatever it is it is not worth killing yourself over. YOU are here for a reason!
you wont kill yourself this way because your body will reject it and you’ll just throw it up. Oh and if this info is for you, dotn kill yourself b/c Im sure whatever you are going through to make you feel down will pass and you’ll be glad you didnt.
can ruin your kidneys and its stupid you get same effect if you just take it like your sposed to
I wouldn’t I know a few scags that want to drop pills believe me dont,you are to young..
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