what exactly is a suppository??

Q:i kinda know what it is, but what does it do?? meaning, for what does it serve for exactly in sickness? im an american, living here in italy and my bf told me he use to get when he was a little kid, i had never ever in my life heard of such a thing in the states. he told me that in italy they still use it, could that be true? is it still used in the states?
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It is a way to place medication in the body through the anus. a suppository is a form of medication administered by inserting it into your anus and give a lil push with the pinky finger.it gets absorbed fast.its best given when one’s down with vomiting or taking medication orally.that’s when your GI tract is sick.and its great for kids who refuse to gulp down the oral medicines.but it comes for a selected few medication only.such as paracetamol,diclofenac,domperi.
I had the displeasure of ahem being assigned one when I was a kid and away at summer camp, because a lot of us got really ill.Basically it looks like a jellybean shape, but is larger, about the size of those cadbury chocolate little easter eggs. The one I last took in my life was white or waxy looking, kind of like icing but harder, denser. It was smaller than my thumb, for reference.The suppository gets inserted into your butt and you lie on your side and try to relax / keep it in there while it melts and dissolves into your bloodstream. They are used to deliver medication to your body, or help with constipation. A suppository is a way to dispense medication. It’s not a specific medication. It’s usually a small plug of medication that you insert into your rectum (or sometimes into the vagina). Your body heat then melts it down and the medication is absorbed into your bloodstream from there. These are still widely used for certain types of medication in the U.S.
What she said, plus the medicine curbs the pain of polyps or hemorrhoids in your rectum. I’m using some now, twice per day, after my first BM & at bedtime. Just so you know, you should buy some disposable vinyl or latex gloves for insertion purposes. It is worth it. Trust me! It feels & looks like a broken, white, Crayon. A suupository is a way to insert a medical tablet into the body through the anus. It is used for certain types of drugs for better absorption or when the person cannot take the drug by mouth because he/she keeps vomiting for example.
it’s a pill you take rectally. a suppository can BE anything, it simply implies that it is taken through the anus. It’s a way of delivering medication that might cause nausea if taken orally or might not be as effective if injected.
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