why protein is required daily to our body @ 1grm per Kg body weight.?

Q:why protein is required daily to our body @ 1grm per Kg body weight.?
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Your body uses proteins, poly peptides, and amino acids to repair body tissue during rest and especially after exervise 1g protein / Kg body weight is a average ballpark suggestion for active people. That still is a fair amount of protein if someone was 220lbs they would need to eat 5 cans of tuna daily. That is if they wanted to obtain all protein from just Tuna
Protein molecules range from the long, insoluble fibers that make up connective tissue and hair to the compact, soluble globules that can pass through cell membranes and set off metabolic reactions. They are all large molecules, ranging in molecular weight from a few thousand to more than a million, and they are specific for each species and for each organ of each species. Humans have an estimated 30,000 different proteins, of which only about 2 percent have been adequately described. Proteins in the diet serve primarily to build and maintain cells, but their chemical breakdown also provides energy, yielding close to the same 4 calories per gram as do carbohydrates Besides their function in growth and cell maintenance, proteins are also responsible for muscle contraction. The digestive enzymes are proteins, as are insulin and most other hormones. The antibodies of the immune system are proteins, and proteins such as hemoglobin carry vital substances throughout the body.So based on these figures n facts, you can easily know, why protein is necessary for our daily requirement of body. I don’t think you need that much (yes i know that is a tiny amount)I read in “Fit for Life” that it was less.The theory is our body has a lot of protiens in it and they need to be replenished regularly, “Fit 4 Life says you don’t really need it the building blocks of protien are amino acids that you can only get from fresh fruits and vegs
you can’t .f u c k. on a diet of bread and jam (jelly), that’s why you need protein.
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