What do you think of homeopathy?

Q:What do you think of homeopathy?
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best way to go. would you like some summer savory syrup?
I think it’s great! If there is a proven natural remedy for a problem, I am all for using that over drugs. Such as, I have very mild asthma. My homeopathic physician told me that coffee is a natural remedy for the constrictions that occur in the lungs during an asthma attack. I did this and it works. I haven’t had an asthma attack in over 15 years. I still keep a rescue inhaler “just in case” but I doubt I will ever need it.However, I don’t think there is any replacement for antibiotic, antifungal or antiviral medications. And Tylenol is the world’s greatest invention. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy is great for cancers. But when there is a natural way to “fix” a health problem, I’m all for trying that first!
I am all for it too!True any real serious ailments it is best to see a trusted doctor. One of my doctors was sum what irritated when I told him I did not want to take more of the medications which had nasty side effects…
Good for some things but with any serious illness, I would only go with the good old tried, tested and true medicine.
I quite like it and have used it with great success for nearly 20 years.
homeopathy is like gets rid of like.. don’t see how that really works. homeopathy does use the natural methods far more than the so calledconventional method that’s also called allapathy! Herbalogy is better than either of the above because it uses opposites to cure! Opposites will help expel illnesses!There are many herbal teas and herbal pills! Always try the teas first. Just use the pill form if you find the tea too slow for you! A Naturopathy uses all methodsbut prefers the natural ways over allapathy! Allapathy is used when the natural ways fail Allapathy should be the alternative! If someone says there’s no such thing of herbalantibiotics and stuff they are ignorant of the truth. What do they think the herbs Skullcap,Pau D’arco, Astralagus etc are for?
HOMEOPATHY ROCKS!Aside from minor things like poison ivy and nausea, I’ve also used homeopathic remedies to take care of everything from shingles to cracked ribs. It also works superbly for any type of infection (staph, strep, respiratory, skin, sinus, you name it). Nothing (including antibiotics) works faster or better. The key is finding a knowledgeable homeopath (like Soul Doctor) who can help you choose remedies until you get the hang of it yourself.
Homeopathy is great! It makes total sense.providing the body with what is already present so as to boost your body’s natural systems. It’s also all about supporting the immune system which is really the heart of viral and bacterial illnesses. I have a large collection and I love them. It’s like the opposite of antibiotics, which work by attacking things in your body, and yes, sometimes those are absolutely necessary! But homeopathy works with your body.
my friend helped me with homeopathic remedies for several concerns when traditional western medicine was causing horrible side effects on me. i haven’t had one side effect at all from any of the homeopathics i have used. Thank YOU to my friend.
used under doctors supervision could be fine.used on a wim could be deadly.
I’ve been using homeopathy for many years, myself and also seeing a Dr who is one (he is also an MD) and it has helped me when other Dr’s didnt have any answers or help for me. I use it myself for things like colds, flu, burns, bee stings and much more. I recommend anyone look into it and try it but keep in mind it is important to see a Dr for serious things.
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