Can flush-free niacin clear your system of weed?

Q:Can flush-free niacin clear your system of weed?
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NO! Nothing will “clear your system” of weed except time.All these “guaranteed” system cleansers are just BS and do not work.
No, Weed likes to stick to our fat cells,so it’s harder to remove from the body. Drug tests for pot are done by the about of Ph in your pee. they use Ph strips and look for certin amount of Ph. If you are taking a multi vitamin,it will throw the test off,so make sure you inform them of any natural or meds you are taking. If you have to take the drug test there is a why to beat the test,tried,tested and true. Certo & Bleach ! for more infor mation contact the lady at the website below.
No, but it is great for your cholesterol.
If its for a drug test, watch out because depending on the extent of the test, traces of THC can still be found in urine. Drink a lot of fluids to flush it from your system and then take niacin (or any other B vitamin) to put the yellow color back in your urine to remove suspicion. A diuretic like caffeine or another you find at the store will help flush it more quickly.
LOL, no sorry, my buddy Donahue tried that, and he just got more busted. It doenst work at all.
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