Essential oils?

Q:Do you use essential oils for aromatherapy or natural healing? If so, how? (I only use them for aromatherapy, but have been reading about other uses.)
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i use organic tea tree oil to apply on mozzie bites directly. Also on warts and cuts etc.. seems to soothe the area. I use them for healing as well as making massage oils and soaps.
I am an alternative medicinal therapist and I can tell you that these oils are used in massage, added to baths and by steam inhalation.They are natural healers. Think about it, whatever goes onto your skin is absorbed by the body and goes directly into the blood stream, anything that goes up the nose (as in a bath or by steam) is absorbed into the lungs and then into the blood stream.That is why they are good for headaches. They are used for every ailment and illness and they are proven cures for various problems. I use them all of the time with my patients. You must never take them internally and never put them directly onto the skin without a carrier oil. I’m currently using a healing natural oil to get rid of warts on my hands. Actually, someone here on answers put me on to it when I asked how to get rid of warts. I’ve had these darn things for more than 10 years and tried everything to get rid of them with no luck. The healing natural oil seems to be working. I can’t believe it! I may finally be getting rid of the nasty ugly things.
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