Can you take pills instead of shots?

Q:can pills be taken in place of those nasty flu shots i have to get every year?
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Be brave, you can do it! You will have to see doctors and get blood drawn and shots your whole life so time to “desensitize” yourself to it. I think your brain is probably “psyching” you out. If you have to, bring a squishie thing in one hand and look away and think of some place you would like to be like the ocean. Sing a song inside your head and before you know it, the shot will be over. Then when done, celebrate for your bravery, go give yourself a big yummy mocha or fruity drink somewhere and congratulate how brave you were!
Actually, there is an oral vaccine for the flu, it is normally given only to children because it is made with live attenuated virus and can cause the flu in a few who take it. children are better able to withstand the flu than adults. But talk to your doctor, he might go along with giving you the oral vaccine.
there’s an inhaled version of the vaccine
Yeah. Eat a few M & Ms. They will do you far more good!Do NOT get vaccinated.A vaccinated person is MORE likely to get a disease than a non-vaccinated person. The whole theory of vaccination is flawed. It causes a weakening of the immune system thus making those who are innoculated more susceptible to disease.There are so many awful side effects to vaccination that it should be considered extremely dangerous.Just sit back and think for a while.Is there any sense in injecting a disease directly into your body.We have been subjected to an awful mind control program to enable the drug manufacturers to make a fortune.The Vaccination Hoax you go to the vaccination liberation web page, at will find all the forms necessary to provide exemption for your child.If you want to study the history of vaccination, see
I believe there is an inhaler out for the flu shot as well.
Who, that is healthy, needs them? I have never had a flu shot and have no intention to get any.
no i am afraid a shot will have to do.
Nope the shot they inject you with needs to go directly into your blood. Sorry.
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