I have been on hormone replacement therapy for two years, and I’m wondering if its safe to?

Q:I have been doing fine for 2 years now on hormone replacement therapy, and I have started also taking feverfew for my migraine headaches, is there a danger taking both?
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My doctor wanted to put me on hormone replacement therapy but I don’t like taking prescription drugs so I decided to go the natural way . I had problems with Hot flashes, sleeping problems, and irritability so I decided to try a vitamin supplement called Menopause Balance Complex.Within 3 weeks my symtoms had lessened and within 6 weeks they were gone. My daughter also suffers from migranes when it is close to exam time in University she takes a product called Stress Relief no more migraines.
Get off the hrt! A few years ago they found out that it did more harm than help. I didn’t wait for my doctor to tell me, I just stopped taking it period.
I would see a homeopathic doctor. There are alot of them everywhere nowdays. Feverfew IS safe but the hormone therapy is not. Some diet changes and herbs could fix you.
Your pharmacist should know that. I hope that you are getting medication at the same pharmacy. Of course, your doctor should know also. Ask them.
It depends on the type of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) you are on. If you are on stuff like Premarin or Prempro, I’d encourage you to explore other options. Those medications are made from pregnant horse urine and are NOT the same as your natural hormones. The studies that question the health risks of HRT ALL use those medications.However, if you are on bioidentical hormones and being followed by a gynecologist familiar with their use, then you are doing great and I encourage you to keep it up.As to the use of feverfew in conjunction with HRT, I have not heard of any problems with combining the two. However, if you are currently taking Premarin/Prempro and switch over to bioidenticial hormones, you might not need the feverfew. A hormone imbalance is often the cause of migraines, so once you get your hormones straightened out, the migraines may not be an issue.Another thought: have you tried cranio-sacral massage or chiropractics for your migraines? They have a good track record for that problem.
how about you contact your doctor tomorrow morning, or now if you are in a different timezone, and office is still open.
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