Okay.I know I am going to get some odd answers on this BUT?

Q:My friend’s husband passed away about a month and half ago. Now, my friend swears that her closet doors keep opening in the middle of the night, and the lights come on, and the curtians keep opening and closing. Is there anything I can do to help my friend? She is losing sleep and not dealing with any of this very well.
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well, i would say she should visit someone or take a short trip. she should get out the house. or maybe you could stay with her and see about what she is seeing. maybe some type of therapy could be helpful. i could’t deal with that either.
I think that right now you dont want to judge her and you should just be her friend. She is going through a tough time and she just might need an ear. Try staying with her for a night or two. It might help her in the healing process and she might get some sleep. Good luck to you and your friend.
you should stay with her, or better yet, have her stay with you!
The Bible explains that the dead are “conscious of nothing at all.” (Ecclesiasted 9:5, 10) It also says that “the soul that is sinning – it itself will die.” (Ezekiel 18:4) At Genesis 2:7 the creation of Adam is described in such a way so as to show that the body and the “breath of life” or “spirit” combined make the soul. Nowhere in the Bible does it teach that humans have an immortal soul that survives death. However, that does not mean the Bible does not hold out a very comforting hope for our dead loved ones. We’re promised the dead will live again (John Chapter 11). And, when they do, it won’t be in the imperfect conditions we currently have to endure. Revelation 21:3,4 explains there will be no more tears, sickness or pain. Psalm 37:10, 11 explains wickedness will be gone and meek ones will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace! We certainly can’t say that about life today.If your friend is truly suffering with this phenomena it is likely wicked spirit creatures who feed on people’s misconceptions about life and death in an effort to keep people confused about the truth. It is very important that you pray for God’s help in discovering what has brought these spirits into her home and guidance as to how to get rid of them. Usually there is either a practice or an object in the home that,in effect, “invites” demons into the home. By getting rid of the item, destroying it if possible and/or stopping the habit that is welcoming wicked spirits into her life, praying for God’s help in eliminating them, using God’s name, Jehovah (Psalm 83:18) for it is “a strong tower” (Proverbs 18:10)and making an effort to learn the truth accurately from the Bible, a person can rid themselves of demon problems.If you want anymore information or help, please email me. I can send you information or answer Bible questions.
I think the answer to the question “Who ya gonna call?” is “Ghostbusters!” Or something like that.
Shes probably just really losing it right know because of depression, its normal try and comfort her by inviting her over to your house.That will probably help her .
when i lost my husband i remember laying in bed one morning and feeling like some one had put their arms around me and i heard his voice. maybe your friend just needs someone to listen to her. listening to some one when they have lost a loved one works wonders. cause a lot of the time you can work thru the pain and the lonliness by talking and have someone just to listen. who knows it may actually be happening. it could be her way of hopin he is still around for her. dont forget your friend as time goes by as most people do. they have a way of treating you like a disease when you have lost your spouse and they are afraid of catching it. it takes time to get through this kind of loss.
See if anything like that happens when you stay at her house. If nothing happens, she needs to see a specialist or a counselor to help her get over her grieving. If stuff like that does happen, maybe you need to have an exorcism performed. I am not saying that this will work, but it is worth a shot to help your friends sanity. Whatever is the cause, if you stay with her for a couple of days and nights it may help her come to terms with her depression. If not, the above remedies should apply. Good Fortune to you both!
Have her sleep at your house or move.
He wants to reassure her so he comes near to let her know. Nothing to be frightened of. He would want for her to rest and be at peace with his passing. The energy is of pure Love.
If your friend has been experiencing these symptoms for more than 2 weeks, it is very important that you insist that your friend seek appropriate treatment as soon as possible for clinical depression. Untreated, it usually just continues to get worse.Hope this answers your question!
I am dealing with the same stuff. Ilost my father in May. He was never in this house, the lights turn them self on and off same with the t.v.. I believe it is my dad just coming by to check up on me. Sometimes I believe he is doing these things because I did something he didn’t like. I think it is a cool thing to have happen. Your friend shouldn’t be afraid. Her hubby is just checking up on her.
This is not weird. It happens alot, more than people will say. She needs to ask her husband to go to the light. He is staying because he knows she is not dealing with this very well, but she needs to let him know that she WILL be okay. If he doesn’t respond and stop, then he is staying for some unknown unfinished business. She will not be able to do anything about that except let it run its course. She should also not be scared, if she talks to him like he was still here, it may help her cope with her pain and suffering. I did it with my grandpa and it made me feel so much better. Good Luck!
She is really going through tough times just be a really good friend for her. You might spend the night with her and see if she sleeps better. But on the other hand you never knwo if they were close then he could be around still and she needes to tell him to go on.
Hey, if your friend is not on any heavy drugs than she has to come to grips with fact that there are a lot of super natural things that go on around us every day. I’m sure what she is experiencing is scary as hell to her. I dont think there is anything you can say to her that would make her feel better. Maybe tell her that the spirit means her no harm. also maybe she could stay with you for a while if she is totally freaked. peace crazybear
Seems like her husband doesn’t want to leave. Tell her to talk to him, to tell him it’s okay to leave, that she will be okay without him. Once he knows she is okay, he will leave; but she must be honest; he will know if she’s lying.
maybe she should see a doctor and get some medicine to help her deal for awhile
It is possible that what your friend says is true. There is the possibility of things we don’t understand. Shortly after my grandmother died her daughters (my mom and aunts) started experiencing strange phenomena. One of my aunts’ doorbell started ringing at all hours–the only person who *ever* rang her doorbell was her mother, everyone else just walked right in (if they were family/friends) or knocked on the door. She installed a movement sensor on the light and it picked up everything that walked across the lawn–cats, possums, whatever. But it never lt up when the doorbell rang. She finally opened the door right after it happened and talked to the “air” and said something like, “I don’t know what or who you are, but please stop it. Ma, if it’s you then you’re always welcome here but stop scaring the heck out of me and the kids. If you’re someone else, you’re not welcome here, go away.” And it never happened again.My mother is harassed by something that has been chasing her around from house to house and even in hotels. It walks around on her bed and once jumped on her and tried to suffocate her. She says it feels like a cat walking on the bed but she doesn’t have any animals and it has happened in hotels as well. She hasn’t dealt with it at all yet and it keeps happening.In my aunt’s case it could have legitimately been the essence of my grandmother, or maybe it was something else. perhaps some other non-bodily entity or maybe something mortal. But I think that it was the speech that gave her the most comfort. Advise your friend to talk to her husband if she feels that it is him that is causing the strange happenings in the house. It certainly can’t *hurt*!
Maybe it is her husband trying to let her know he is there. I know this can seem strange but it can happen. I know people will think this is weird but things like this happen to me quite a bit. Tell her that she needs to tell him that she knows he is there. Tell him that she loves him and misses him. Tell her to wait a while and see if things calm down. If they don’t she needs to tell him that it is time to go and that he needs to go to the light. I know this will sound even stranger but maybe if she just discusses everyday things like work, bills, whatever they always talked about, maybe he will be more calm. He is trying very hard to get her attention and once she acknowledges that he is there things will be fine. She doesn’t need to be afraid. He will not hurt her. I hope everything works out for her.
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