Thick white coating on tongue?

Q:I know that this can mean that something is out of whack in the system, can someone enlighten me.Cheers
More Answers to “Thick white coating on tongue?
This is indicitive of a yeast problem.
It is called candida or thrush, and it is an overgrowth of yeast. It can be caused by anything that has disturbed the balance of natural microbes in your body, especially recent antibiotic use or certain immune system problems. You will need a prescribed anti-fungal medication to get rid of it, so I’d make an appointment with your doc.
You need to drink more water and eat healthier.A peroxide rinse and a firm toothbrush will get rid of the muck.
You drank too much milk, and didn’t clean your tongue.
look it up on line, and brush your tongue when you brush your teeth.
thrush – have some acidophlis
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