Already asked this question but should boy be exspelled?

Q:should a boy b exspelled if he tryed to put his meds in someones food (boy is 13)
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Yes.What kind of kid tries to put medicine in someones food?I’m assuming the other kid was unaware.
yes he could kill someone! At 13 I had hoped they would know how dangerous drug are.
yes what if the other boy was allergic to what he put in his food and he died then he’d be in trouble for murder
depends on what type of meds
Absolutely. The boy had no way to know if the other person/people might be allergic to a medication. My son, for example, has a chronic disease. If he takes certain over-the-counter medications he could become very sick. Taking them repeatedly could kill him. I have allergies to many medications. I could go into anaphylactic shock and die.
Yes I feel he should be expelled from school.
yes he should be expelled
Yes. Food tampering is a felony.
yes without a doubt. that is so very dangerous
Go to the school principal and police, if you can prove it.
Expelled means that a student cannot return to school for a designated time. Different offenses rate different lengths of expulsion. I have never heard of an expulsion for less than a year and sometimes it is permanent. But the school district can offer Alternative Education. Suspension is for shorter term and less serious offenses. You didn’t mention the age of the student, but assuming the student is old enough to know and understand the rules as stated in the school handbook as well as understand their actions, YES this student should be expelled. He/She endangered the health and safety of another student as well as possessing a controlled substance or contraband on school campus. Most schools require that student medication be kept with the nurse or in the office in a secure location. This is very dangerous and should not be tolerated. It is a big job to keep drugs, both legal and illegal off of school campuses.
heck yes.shoot he should already be in Juvey
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