Will meditation help a lot in preventing diabetes?

Q:will meditation help a lot in preventing diabetes?
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You need to go on a low Glycaemic Index diet (for life) – low G.I. foods help regulate blood sugar levels.There are lots of books on Amazon that will help you.Basically eat wholesome foods (and no sugar or refined foods) and cut down (or cut out) on potatoes (sweet potatoes are better than regular potatoes), refined flours etc.That can help prevent adult-onset diabetes.
No, not at all.Keeping at a healthy weight and avoiding processed starches and sugars help prevent diabetes. And if your genetics are bad, then you might be screwed anyway.But keep slim, eat well, and you should be fine.The meditation may help with blood pressure, but not diabetes.
I would say no to meditation helping diabetes simply because disbetes is a blood disease.You have too much sugar in your blood and it needs to be controlled by medications, not meditations.There is a big difference.I have been on insulin now for just over a year because of my bad eating habits and eating too many sugary foods.I now have to give myself shots in my stomach each day to prevent going into a coma and dying.So this is not a disease to be taken lightly.You need a doctors supervision and the right drugs to help yourself.I hope if you are diabetic, you will seek a professional to get you started on the right kind of medicine.It is not too hard to give yourself shots.If you buy the smaller needles and pinch the skin a little, it goes in easy and doesn’t hurt like I thought before I started.
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