Found a natural remedy for anxiety/depression?

Q:if you are suffering from anxiety and depression, have you found a natural alternative, that is working and helping you to control them? how much does it cost?i have been on paxil and effexor for years, and they have been mistakes and caused more anxiety, so i am not looking for any psychiatric medication. i have had to quit my job, because of my anxiety and depression. i am afraid of communicating, because people always treat me different and in a bad way different that i can’t stand. i am also very angry at people and life in general. i have quit all my friendships due to my anger. people’s words are rarely their actions.i am aware that not working is causing me these problems and loneliness, i just can’t go back to being treated and stared at like i am a disease. yes, i have seen a psychiatrist for years, a counsellor as well (currently) and they don’t help. i know i am the only one to change my life, the professionals can only advise me.please and thank you.
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You can use herbal remedies such as St John’s Wort, bachs and camomile regularly. Try not to use prescription drugs as you can become dependent on them. You should also treat yourself to alternative therapies such as reflexology, reiki and/or massage. I used to suffer from serious bouts of depression and anxiety attacks, but this all stopped when I started getting reflexology and reiki sessions because they help to strip away the negative emotions, and leave you feeling calmer, happier and uplifted.Exercise is good, especially yoga. As I wrote in another post, a doctor had told me about how he worked in hospital ward with patients suffering from depression. He and another doctor would encourage the patients to go to the gym every morning. Those who went with them got better and were out of hospital much quicker than those who wouldn’t go. Exercise produces endorphines, which will make you happier and give you more energy.Also make sure you are eating a good healthy diet because sometimes when you’re depressed sometimes you forget to eat or just can’t be bothered. Taking a good multi-vitamin is also a beneficial supplement during times of stress/depression.Make sure you get some ‘me’ time. Go for a walk in fresh air, go for a nice scenic drive, watch a good comedy or two, meditate or even just give yourself half an hour in the bath with some soothing music and candles. Or do all of these things :)You are off to a good start knowing that you are the only one who can change your life.
Maybe you could try Universal Animal Pak. Possibly more natural than psychiatric medication.
There is sam-e, St.John’s Wort, 5-HTP (hydroxtryptophan-serontonin precursor), and Omega-3 for depression. As far as anxiety, the only herbal remedy I’m aware of is valerian root. Valerian Root and 5-HTP will make you drowsy at first. I tried valerian for sleep but had a reaction one time. Be aware that medications you buy are designed to pass the blood-brain barrier. If you try herbal remedies, since not a lot of research has gone into them in this country, you may not know if it’s really working. However, St.John’s wort has been fairly well researched in Europe so I would have confidence in taking it. Also, there is also certain foods you should eat and a diet you should follow. A book was written on this but the title slips my mind right now. I would consider asking your psychiatrist for xanax on a as needed basis. You wouldn’t have to take it everyday but only on days you feel you need it. Xanax has a component that helps with depression. A long term herb/therapy may work best as xanax will eventually lose it’s effects. Good luck to you.
I know you, because I am you. I suffer from depression too and have been on many different prescription only medications, Effexor being one of them and I agree, they sometimes make things worse. I have had some success with St Johns Wort from the health food shop, it is kinda expensive and it is a three times a day thing but something that helps more is saying how you feel when you feel it and to not care too much how this is affecting others, it may help you, it has helped me a lot. I personally think it is the public need for you to keep your feelings bottled inside until you explode(or implode as the case may be). And this is resulting in peoples personalities dissolving before our very eyes. Love and the very best of luck to you, friend.
Have you tried yoga and vegetarianism?
Your problem will be solved thru SPIRITUAL ROUTEonce you start following the teachings of ur religion .. u will notice u started getting solution to your every problemNo Matter What (though it does matters to me) religion you are practicing .. u just follow it with its real spirit, and u will be experiencing peace and calm in ur life and this depression and anxiety will be gone for ever :)TRUST MEBy The Way .. I am A MUSLIM , practicing Religion of PEACE; The Islam ! it gives solution to every problem not only your medical problems but social ones too. a comprehensive package from sociology to economy, from politics to governance, from managing-your-home to your-homeland with perfect administration though you may continue following yours, but i am EXTREMELY SATISFIED with mine :)God Bless You !
actually i just read something on hypnosis for depression,and anxiety.I’m looking into that a bit more for my wife,she is also on paxil and it makes me nervous.if i find out more on it i will let you know for sure. good luck on anything you try i hope it turns out good for you
the only way to come out of depression is to get right out of your comfort zone it’s only you that’s keeping you there.. pills remedies therapists councilors they don’t work.. yes it’s cool to have the support occasionally but hey life’s is all about challenges some we get right some we don’t.. depression is only you beating yourself up.. stop doing it to yourself and it will go away.. Depression is only a fancy word for a feeling and everyone has those so there you go you have something in common with everyone and every living creature on earth..
St John’s Wort.It’s been mentioned above so I won’t go into detail about it but I will say it has worked for me. I highly recommend it.
I am going through the same as you..I am so tired of all those Pills, I stopped taking them, I eat well, exercise and try to laugh helps,hope you get the right help sweetie~
st john wort, works. but not if your female and on the pill.
I have had Panic disorder for 7 years. I have had my ups and downs. I would get severly agorophobic have to quit working and basically train myself to go outside again. I don’t believe that not working is enabling you to continue to have these problems, if anything, they made them worse. I can relate to how you feel. I have lost a lot of friends and many people cannot even come close to understanding these things. You name the medication for anxiety/depression i have tried it. The only thing that really has worked for me is Clonazepam and Xanax. (But, everyone is different). Mainly because these meds are for Anxiety and not for depression. In my personal experience, it takes a combination of medication/ therapy/ and will power to deal with these problems. I have tried natural supplements, but most tend to treat depression and not anxiety. If you ever need someone to talk to feel free to send a message.
Try these things. Read about Bach Flower remedies. Beleive me they not only attack some mind symptoms but will also help to clear the mind which will eventually help him to feel better. Ask him to do some activity any exercise or game he likes. Also, use Triphala churna to clear the toxins from his body and mind. Read about Yoga and depression. Also, give him hot ginger tea. Try with diffrent soups which he likes. Read and try Indian recipies. The reason is realted to taste and taste (spices) will bring rasa (taste) in his life, back. The reason I am giving these pointers is because you and him need to tak charge of his life rather than a doctor or anyone else and so you need to understand these things well. Belive me I can help you in many ways in getting you out of this condition. Let me know if you need to talk with me in detail as I cannot type many things here. Jai Gurudev!
Taking these Homeopathic Remedies will help you a lot in bringing down your anxiety, depression and stress without any side effects or complications. AURUM MET 30, BRYONIA ALBA 30, NATRIUM MUR 30 take them together thrice a day half hour before meals, they will make you feel happy relaxed and totally at ease and they are totally non addictive. Take them for at least three days and feel the difference., Trust me nothing works better 100% relief guaranteed with any hassles.Take Care and God Bless you !
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