As a minor am I allowed to make my own decisions on taking perscribed drugs?

Q:I’m supposed to be taking risperdal and lexapro, but I don’t want to. I was hospitalized in January for manic depression and they think I need to be on meds forever. Everyone else says I seem to be improving, and I haven’t been taking any. I was wondering, am I legally allowed to refuse what is perscribed? Or, as a minor, do my parents get to decide? I am fifteen and I don’t want to be on serious meds anymore. I need to know whats legal.
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Honestly, you can refuse, but BE WARNED, your life will just get more and more distraught, SINCE you have Manic Depression, which is a disease, you should take your medication. Please at least consider it. If you refuse to, realize this will go on your record and you may end up in a worse place than you already are. Also-Do not get mad because you may or may not get the answer you wanted to hear. You should take it to get better control of yourself. At least one time to see if it helps you feel better. Hope this helps 🙂
There are patient’s rights and one of those include the right to refuse medication. Just beware of the consequences of not taking them and be sure that doing so won’t cause your health to decline.
maybe the meds are what are making you better. you might go back to where you were as soon as you quit taking them
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