Hydrocodon Question?

Q:If the bottle says best if used by 11/30/01 what would happen if it was taken?
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Throw them down the toilet. Some expired drugsturn to poison and I would not take a chance.The hydrocodone is no longer active, and the Tylenolwith it is also inactive so throw them away. Get a new prescription from your doctor if you still need them.
I’m not sure. But I found your question in Alternative Medicine.Hydrocodon is far from alternative. Just wondering.Good answers. I’m sure a pharmacist will tell you to flush them.
Nothing will happen it just doesnt work as well
Some possibility it could do what aspirin does & become more acidic to the stomach. Probably wouldn’t kill you to take one in a crisis but I’d be sure to take with food, to protect the stomach lining. Just my opinion. Also, many if not most hydrocone scrips have other things in them, like acetomenophin. If it were me, I’d call the pharmacist and get professional advice.
Susan G had a great answer for you please listen and flush the meds down the toilet so that no one else can get ahold of it.Bye
it is fine I have done it
More than likely you would get a upset stomach and feel pretty bad. The potency of the tablet itself is gone so it would have no effect on the pain.
The previous answers were good – the medicine at best won’t work and at worst will make you ill. I have always been advised that the best disposal method for prescription pills is to flush them down the toilet so that no one can ingest them accidentally.
It’s about 5 years old and it has lost some of its strength. Nothing terrible would happen if you take the hydrocodon but it may not remove the pain as well as it would if you were issued a new supply.
it would likely be inactive. just flush them and get OTC pain reliever or ask your doctor for another prescription.
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