Does anyone know of a good alternative to ADHD medicines?

Q:I have heard of a lot of different vitamins, and I’ve even tried a few vitamins. I was wondering though if anyone has actually tried a vitamin, or supplemental ADHD treatment for a fairly aggressively ADHD child and has it worked? Serious answers only please. If you’re not a parent or caregiver of an ADD or ADHD kid..move on.
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The best remedy which seems to help everyone suffering with ADHD is the Homeopathic Remedy AVENA SATIVA (Common Oats) in Mother tincture form 20 drops in a sip of warm water half hour before meals thrice a day. I have prescribed it to every ADHD patient of mine with very good results.Take Care and God Bless you !
Hi, Kelly! I am a Reiki practitioner and an Herbalist, and a mom of 2 boys who have ADHD, one of whom was agressive – much, much less now. I agree with the Oatstraw (Aveena Sativa) and the dietary recommendations. Since there is very little way to stop all preservatives (school lunch, parties, etc) I also give my boys Flax Seed Oil as it has been proven effective as a blood cleanser. It also has the Omega 3 fatty acids that people with neurological problems are deficient in. Cinnamon is wonderful helps keep their blood sugar stable, and helps metabolize any extra sugar. Other than that, I just make sure their multivitamin is high in B, C and Zinc as those are deficiencies in People with ADHD as well. I am at if you have any questions. Good luck!
There are a few alternatives to medication to help ADHD in children. They may or may not help your children, as everyone is different and they are not easy or cheap. You really should do all three of the following.#1 Eliminate ALL processed foods from their diet. Give him/her NOTHING with simple sugars or more than 4 carbs per serving. No fast foods, No candy, chips etc., no bread no milk–unless it is RAW milk from a dairy co-op. No commercially boxed cereals or canned foods–except tuna. No hotdogs. Organic foods elimate the pesticide toxin in foods, and may help. The best foods are those high in proteins, chicken, beef, eggs, raw nuts, Also, bananas, plain, unsweetened oatmeal, and fresh fruits and vegtables for snacks.#2. Behavior therapy with a licesend clinical therapist who specializes in children with ADHD. They can help the child with role-playing and teach them things they can do to counter act their undesireable actions, ie..using a squeeze ball at school, exercises, yoga and meditation. You will also need to be in close contact with the school so they can help him/her out also. He/she will need to get up and move about at periodic times to help with whats building up while sitting.#3 Elimate video games and television. Even though this may seem to hold his/her attention and give you a break, it actually makes ADHD worse in the long run. Building toys, painting, coloring, puzzles and lots of physical activities are the best thing for him/her.
Many times ADD/ADHD can be resolved, or reduced with chiropractic care. It has be indicated that many children suffering from these disorders have problems of their cervical spine(neck), often caused by birthing trama. I suggest trying a chiropractor.Here is a sight it suggest reading! Also try a good fish oil! also suggest consulting for other health information!
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