What is your remedy for stess?

Q:What is your remedy for stess?
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dont report me but i smoke a blunt
Go over to my friend house or just lie down in my room.
Diet and Stress http://stress-reduction4.blogspot.com/20.Reduce Stress By Exercisinghttp://stress-reduction4.blogspot.com/20.Oil Massage To Relieves Stress http://stress-reduction4.blogspot.com/20.
I watch my favorite TV show (West Wing) A double scotch(Johnie Walker Green) and then a great nights sleep. I think the key for any stress is to take a step back,forget it however briefly,and then look at it with new eyes.
I take a vitamin supplement called Stress Relief Complex I find I don’t get so upset with everyday work stress as I used to . It relaxes me.I also take it if I am having a problem falling asleep at night.
just do some kind of activity to get your mind off of the stressor. that will help only for a while but sooner or later you’ll have to face the problem and try to solve it. but you have to do one thing at a time, don’t try to solve all of your problems at once. try the coping devices, but not the defense mechanisms.
shopping and eating junk food
relaxing activities like drinking peppermint tea. changing your diet. you can take up healthy cooking and kill 2 birds.
mindless exercise, like walking or stretching.
First a brisk walk while praying. Then a warm bubble bath while listening to soothing music.
Shopping. Talking to my friends.
Yahoo! Answers.
mental meditation.. tell yourself repeatly that “I should not let this bother me”..
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