Does hypnosis work in curing habits?

Q:Anything, like eating certain foods, or nervous ticks, or daily compulsive routines say compulsive cleaningetc. yes even the cigis
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No. cos’ if it did we would do it to all fat people [to sop them from eating], criminals, paedos etc. wouldn’t we?
Yes it does. Its what i do, Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and it does have pretty good results. But like somebody else said you have to be open to it.
Well, my sister tried it for smoking, and it worked – the first time! She started smoking again a few months later and despite return visits to the she has still not been able to give up.Of course this doesn’t mean that hypnosis doesn’t work full stop. It may be that my sister is one of those people for whom hypnosis doesn’t work, or maybe she just doesn’t have the deep inner desire to give up so anything she tries will fail. I guess the individual has to really WANT to succeed before any remedy really can help.
i heard it does!
With hypnosis, you must want it to work. Otherwise, it won’t.
look into my eyes .. if you looked at my avatar then yes it definately definately works
When you make the choice to go for hypnosis you already have made a decision to overcome any bad you can already overcome it without the hypnosis. You already have the will to succeed. I’ve tried smoking and never got addicted because I had already decided before I had my first cigarrette that I wasn’t going to get addicted.
Hypnosis only works if you want it to work. Which if you believe in it – it will work. However if you want something to work that badly then you can cure yourself of your habits, that’s how I did it with smoking.
No. I don’t think so. I dont think a doctor could hypnotize me. I just don’t believe in it.I remember working with a lady named Lisa and she got hypnotized to stop smoking and she was so stressed from even having to go to the shrink when she woke up she said to the doctor I have to go, I really badly need a smoke! She told me she isnt sure if she was put under. She thinks so. But she is still a smoker. =(
I believe that for hypnosis to work the person undertaking it has to want to get the end result. So if you really want to give up smoking it will work. I know of a couple of people that went for hypnosis to stop smoking, but they did not really want to give up – and as a result the process failed.
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