Has anyone tried CMD (Concentrated mineral drops)?

Q:Its mineral drops that i cud add to my drinks (i think its about 20 drops per day) .My boss wants me to try it and im not so sure about its effectiveness.
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What is it for even?
Sure have – minerals are kind of like catalyst. They help the body work better. Most the minerals we think of are things like calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium and such. Most of us don’t get enough in our diet d/t the processed foods we eat. (they are usally eliminated during the process – that is why you see foods saying they are fortified with vitamins and minerals). The problem for most people is that we have a hard time getting enough of them in our body through our normal diet.I most often use minerals with people that have muscle cramps, migraine headaches, anxiety or difficulty sleeping, etc.If you aren’t sure which mineral to take, a multi-mineral (CMD) is a good idea, just like a multi-vitamin. You can’t taste them, and you won’t get harmed -outside of some loose stool if you take too much to quick.good luck Don’t let your boss pressure you.
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