Stem Cell Research: yea or Nae?

Q:I actually do not know if that i show you are supposed to spell nae but that is besides the point. I am curious as to the ratio. Please just a yes or no and one or two reasons, there is no need to wirte an essay.As for me – I say yes, In all of my studies I have to say yes.
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YEA, and to all stem cell research do not limit it,
yes. i don’t see why not.
100% yay, yea, whatever it is. I’m for any and all research to help find cures, even if that means embryonic stem cells. And anyone who is opposed is ignorant, and has yet to experience aloss of life that could have been cured through other radical as it may seem, forms of research.
yea for stem cell research as long as it is not embryonic stem cell research. That is not necessary. Plenty of cures can be gotten through the use of adult stem cells and placenta cells and core blood cells.
Yes, but I agree entirely with Midge (above). There is no need to use embryonic cells when placental cells go to waste everyday. They will still get the benefits without the social/ethical issues that tend to be involved in embryonic stem cell research.
yea, as long as u d’nt hurt nothing or no one to get them.
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