How much money?

Q:how much money would a beginer medical assistant get per hour compared to a nurse?
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well, a medical assistant might start at $8 or $10 an hour. a nurse is going to start at probably double that- $16-20 an hour. think about it, a medical assistant goes to school for a year at a technical school, gets a certificate, and doesn’t require a college degree, a nurse has a college degree, and depending on his or her area of expertise can get extra training for even more money. or a higher degree, like a NP, nurse practitioner.
This is no Brain er. Medical asst is going to be hard to judge since it depends on the state. But when your a nurse the sky is the limit sometimes if you need a place to live and your from out of state your employer may furnish you with a home or you could travel overseas to any military installation with a private contract. My friend who is nurse in NY is making 28 dollars a hour. So I can guess where your going
The pay scales differ from place to place and from country to country, for complete information check out your local sources. Yahoo Answers is a global site and you have not said where are you from, so it would be difficult to answer how much you can earn as a medical assistant. Or you can ask NURSE ANNIE she would know for sure, she is the second best answerer in the health category so you will find her very easily and a very helpful person.Take Care and God Bless you !
The Occupational Outlook Handbook (usually called OHH) is an excellent resource provided free by the Dept. of Labor. It provides information on entry level to advanced level salary, the prospect of future job openings five yeas from now in all states for all positions. It should available on-line too.
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