Anyone else getting ready to pop some sleeping pills?

Q:Anyone else getting ready to pop some sleeping pills?
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Yeah I took mine about 20 minutes ago. i need some
check this following website. don’t take sleeping pills. Source(s):
yeah i got a handfull i’m going to pop into the trash can. if your going to pop more than the proper amount to use as a sleep aid, i suggest you do the same and pop them into the trash can too.dont do any thing stupid like taking too many. some day when i have a question i might need your answer. if not, someone needs you some where some day some how,weather you or me knows it or not. if your just taking one or two, to get to sleep tonight thats ok. its late,at least it is here 2:47 EST. michigan;-)
i will take some in about 30 min. yes yes and yes I need to sleep have been going to sleep at 5:39 and having to wake at 6:00
Whats the problem? Nyquil
I hope you mean just for your insomnia? There are much better ways of getting to sleep than sleeping pills. They’re really more of a pain in the long run. The holistic methods work SOOO much better. Simple things like having a warm bath/shower, drinking some milk drink before bed, avoid exercise, food, caffeine, cigs at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. De stressing with yoga or just stretches and breathing exercises. And if all else fails, read a boring book .. hey wait a minute .. read an INTERESTING book .. when I can’t sleep I just figure, ok, so I can’t sleep, might as well do something with this awake-time and I read or watch something nice on TV. At some point, my body will eventually want to sleep.Now .. if that’s not your question and if this is about an overdose .. well I’m glad you posted here because it’s a sign that what you want is help, you want someone to listen and acknowledge your pain. That tells me that death is not really what you’re looking for, you’re searching for a way to SURVIVE. Please call a suicide hotline or even a friend, someone you can trust, to talk you through this, you will feel so much better if you can just talk it out with someone. Please give it a try. And please know that this is not a painless escape as so many of us think it might be .. convulsions and/or cardiac arrest can occur and one does not sleep through that. I am a survivor of attempted suicide and I really cannot tell you how glad I am today that I am still alive today. I know how hopeless life can feel sometimes but you have the strength in you to make this one little attempt to save yourself by picking up the phone and talking to someone.Please call a hotline NOW .. just search on the net and you should find something easily. Also someone else may post a hotline for you .. I am not in the USA and so I don’t know the numbers. Source(s):i run an online group for survivors of abuse
POP .. There it goes .. not i
Not me. If you can’t sleep, why not take melatonin or some valerian root? The prescription stuff is usually a variant of something herbal anyway. I take xanax for anxity disorder, but they put me to sleep and allow me to sleep soo good, so i always take one before night night time, even if im not feeling anxious, ive gotten use to the good sleep!
You need to be way careful that can become addictive. I mean if you take it allot you will start being depend it on the pills just to get rest. i should
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