dmso and apple cider?

Q:dmso and apple cider mixed together and put on top of skin to remove internal scar tissue, has anyone tried this??
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I know what DMSO is and how it is used but have never heard anything like that before.DMSO is a transddermal agent used to carry other medications thru the skin. It is not approved for human use.If you use it you will have a garlic type taste in your mouth and when you sweat you will stink. It is used on horse to carry other meds into the body and as a body brace or like a linement for sore muscles.I do not think it would have any affect on scar tissue at all. I have used it on horses legs for years. When they race and after they race. If we have had a horse pin fired and they apply DMSO to the area after it healed the horse will still have the pin fire scars on its legs. I have not heard this, but I do use DMSO myself. Only if you use the lesser quality grade of DMSO will you taste and smell like garlic.
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