Constipation quick!?

Q:omg it hurts as i type it what can i eat to make it stop?we dont have any pepto bismol seriuos situation!
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fiber – fibrosine.or it hurts too bad hmmm helped
If constipation is the problem Don’t take the pepto. Cause it will only make it worse!Drink you a glass of juice and then have a cup of coffee. Works every time.
try drinking hot tea,.. and eating like food that has wheat in it. And eat papaya. In our country we usually eat papaya to relieve constipation,.. and it usually works
Aloe Vera Juice with bee proplis is a good solution to constipation.
. Eat a well balanced diet high in fiber, fruits and veggies. . Exercise on a regular basis. . When you get the inclination, you should go to the toilet. Do not postpone it. . Drink plenty of water, fruit juices, vegetable juices and plenty of other clear liquids. . Train yourself to go at a particular time after breakfast preferably or after dinner. . Do not misuse laxatives. They should be taken only on your physician’s recommendation.
A cup of good old caffeine packed coffee helps me 🙂
fibre, bran, prunes, grapes, and lots of sparkleing water.
Drink one glass of prune juice and call Yahoo answers staff in the morning(-;
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