What’s a natural sleep aid the really works??

Q:What’s a natural sleep aid the really works??
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My problem was that I could fall asleep but never stay asleep so I started taking vitamin supplements as I don’t believe in prescription drugs for this. I took 1-2 Stress Relief Complex. Sometimes I vary it with 1 Pain Relief Complex (even if I’m not in pain) If all else fails I get up and drink 1 scoop Soy Protein in 6oz of water.
Try melatonin for your sleep patterns and St John’s wort for stress reduction.
Valarian root works for me. I take about 6 capsules at once and it makes you relaxed not loopy. But the effects do not last long.
A glass of luke warm milk (mixed with some water 75% milk, 25% water) should do fine.
MelatoninChamomile or Passion Flower tea
It is called Sleep-Ease .you can buy it over the counter.it is not narcotic and you don’t feel awful in the morning…
Warm milk and Honey
Several things come to mind: Chamomile tea or one of the other herbal tea mixtures that promote relaxation. Melatonin is also very good. These remedies work best if you take them regularly for a few days or weeks. Believe it or not warm milk really does work. Pasta and turkey also release relaxing chemicals to the brain. The best sleep aid however is hard work that you enjoy and a clean conscience.
I have had great results with “Sleep Now”
Try nerveaids by Blackmores. It has Valerian, passion flower, hops, and gentian extracts all of which help calm you .You can also get Valerian Forte tablets, also by Blackmores, specifically for insomnia, as Valerian acts as a natural sleep aide.Hope this helps,
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