What’s the best brand of Tea Tree Oil?

Q:I hear that some is not really 100%, and includes others types of oils. I plan to use the tea tree oil for a skin condition and don’t want to get ripped off on the fake stuff!
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I use Tea Tree Oil sold under the trade mark of “SUN” from Australia. It is 100% pure oil from Malaleuca Alternifolia.And it’s really great stuff!
Hi ThereHere is the one I use.NATURE’S POWERFUL ANSWER FOR ALL TYPES OF SKIN IRRITATIONS. DR. SCHULZE DESCRIBES JOJOBA & TEA TREE OIL: This deeply penetrating formula is both soothing and emollient to the skin and kills bacteria and fungus on contact. It will also reduce inflammations due to irritation and infections. Use this formula when the Anti-Infection Formula would be too strong or intense, especially on sensitive areas. This is the perfect solution for dry skin, baby’s diaper rash, children’s minor cuts, or for dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis or any general skin irritation. This formula is soothing to the skin and penetrates more deeply than any other oil. At the same time it is a strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent, yet it’s mild enough for a baby’s bottom. No household should be without this great formula.WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY ABOUT JOJOBA & TEA TREE OIL: I wanted to thank you for your wonderful Jojoba and Tea Tree Oil. I have been suffering from psoriasis, eczema, and all types of dermatitis all my life. I have been to every doctor and used EVERYTHING and the best results I ever had was a few days of relief. After using your formula many times a day for three weeks, for the first time in my life my psoriasis is gone and my skin looks and feels great and all the redness is gone too. I also did your Intestinal Detox Program and take your SuperFood, which gives me much more energy in the morning. I have more energy now than many people half my age. S.J. Salt Lake City, UT Best of health to youCheers
The label should clearly tell you what is in the bottle. Look for pure essential oil, the label should have the botanical name as well. Buy from a reputable distributor with fresh stock rather than a multi level marketer.Emily’s Oils & Essentials (eoils.net) continues a 20 year tradition of offering the finest in aromatherapy products to spas, clinics, therapists and individuals. Many of the essential oils are grown organically. Rare and precious oils, salts, clays.
WITHOUT A DOUBT “Thursday Plantation” is THE BEST TEA TREE OIL. It is the original and first tea tree oil imported from Australia many years ago. Tremendously effective and very powerful! Others I’ve tried cannot compare to this oil.
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