My daughter has body ringworm, how can I treat it with a home remedy?

Q:My daughter has body ringworm, how can I treat it with a home remedy?
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Go to the drug store and buy some anti fungul cream.. Blue star oinment. gets rid of alot of things. but if’s its all over it could be something else and u would want to take her to a doctor. don’t jepordize her health like that. and ringworm is highly contagious, so u don’t want it to spread.
According to Living Well on a Shoestring by the editors of Yankee Magazine, a folk remedy for ringworm is cider vinegarwater. Another alternative is tea tree oil. Fungal infections may take a while to clear up. Source(s): Simply get some athletes foot powder or cream like Tinactin.Ringworm is the same type of fungal infection that causes athletes foot, and jock itch. Rinworm is highly contageous (but harmless), so don’t delay in heading to the drugstore. or else the whole family will be breaking out with it. Don’t waste your time or money seeing a Doctor, as it is too easily taken care of.
Just last year, I had ringworm on my neck. My friend gave me an old home remedy that was disgusting! She said to urinate on a towel and apply your own urine to the affected area. Now, I’m a teacher and of slightly above average intellect. I immediately began my search for a better way. I got on the internet, and began researching ringworm. What it looks like, what treatments were available. They all pointed to an antifungal treatment. Some said tar and sulpher for relief from the itch. So before I went to the docter, I purchased a tube of Monistat, which is an antifungal cream used to treat yeast infections. This was my alternative to urine, and it worked! The ringworm disappeared in about 2 days. I didn’t even have to go to the docter for treatment. I also purchased a tar shampoo and used it like a shower gel at night before applying the Monistat. This really works! Try it! take her to a DOCTOR
blue star ointment is the best for ringworm This stuff spreads rapidly and very easily. Before the rest of your family is covered in spots of it everywhere get some antifungal creme. You can use the over the counter stuff for jock itch and it will work but you may have totreat for several weeeks.Home remedys do not work and ringworm is nothing to mess with it spreads so easy and so fast. Get treating now.
sharpen a pencil and rub led over ringworm Use tea tree oil, my family got it, from some kittens I brought home, used it on kittens and family cleared up faster then with Rx.
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