Have you tried Heroin?

Q:I haven’t but have always wondered what it would feel like. Tell me what you thought it was like.
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ive tried a shitload of different grugs, but never heroin. i dont think that i would fall into the whole gotta have it thing, but why take a chance with something that dangerous, expensive, and a drug that takes you down instead of lifting you up?
Having to use a mirror to check up on someone breathing in a heroin-induced stupor and slapping their face to bring them around to breathe left me with a sense that this would not be a very fun experience. NOT WORTH IT!
It is close to the feeling when shrooms first hit you. Like that type of body high, where your legs seem to sort of dissappear.
I’ve heard its quite similar to morphine, if you’ve ever been on that. Kinda knocks you out but has a pleasant feel to it. I’ve heard its extremely addictive and thats the kind of drug that’s lifestyle involves alot of violence and stuff you wouldnt want to get into. Personally wouldnt recomend it, drugs are hard to get away from once youre convinced you’ve found the best thing in the world. (which really isnt)Oh and the “coming down” is way more intense than the high, meaning you feel like so horrible after it wears off, so you NEED to have more just to feel OKAY.so yeah. but in answer to your question, just a knocked out happy feeling (from what I’ve heard) much like morphine.
Well Heroin is basically unrefined Morphine, I’ve had that and it made me feel sick, dizzy, faint and generally appalling.
nah dont try itJustin
I wouldn’t want to try it because people seem to get addicted pretty easily. Plus I don’t particularly like injections.
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