Whats the best way to get rid of a boil?

Q:Whats the best way to get rid of a boil?
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3 times a day for a half hour soak in ahot water bath, by night time you will be able to squeeze it. soak the next day twice,the third day squeeze it again as to it will build up again,with puss,blood and you will be able to remove the core..make sure it is not an in-grown hair.
Typically, boils can be quickly healed by use of either a salve containing Goldenseal Root or by moistening the boil and sprinkling on powdered Goldenseal Root. Keep loosely covered. (Goldenseal kills staph.)To bring a boil to a head, there are drawing salves available at the health food stores. Or a homemade one contains: 3 drops of turpentine (available at pharmacies), 1 teaspoon grated Ivory Soap, just enough water to make a thick paste. Put only on the very center of the boil, as it will BURN the skin.Drink nettles tea, 2 or 3 times daily.Reoccuring boils can be a sign of diabetes, kidney inflammation or anemia.
Slice an onion in half, tie it up in cheesecloth, and heat it in boiling water for one minute. Remove, and place on the affected area as soon as it is cool enough to touch. Wrap with an ace bandage, and leave it for twenty minutes. Repeat daily.
drawing sauve. its black and ugly but it will work
The best remedy is Lime. Get a fruit of lime, slice a small portion, slightly squeeze it and apply the juice on the boil. See that you get the juice of the skin and the fruit onto the boil. When it is correctly applied you should get a burning sensation. Thereafter keep the slice of lime on the boil and hold it down by tying a piece of cloth on it or by putting an adhesive plaster over it. The boil should go down in about 3 to 4 hours.
The goldenseal and the onion suggestion are both good and work, another is white bread, soaked in warm milk. Squeeze out excess milk and apply bread over boil. hold in place with gauze wrap and let the bread completely dry before removing. repeat as needed.Remember, that natural remedies do work, but they are usually a little slower than modern medicine’s tactics. Be patient and persistant. Whatever you do, don’t lance it.you’ll just invite infection.
a knife
make a paste of turmeric powder and water, apply on boil every 4 hours. Works, 100%. ( turmeric can stain clothes, so be careful)
An old time remedy my grama used was to mix even parts of salt and baking soda put in a bowl and add peroxide maybe a teaspoon and make a paste. She would mix the ingrediants on the stove but you can use a microwave. Just make a warm past and put on the affected area. Leave sit for about 15 min. and repeat often. Boil will come to a head. Good Luck it has always worked for me.
There are many topical treatments that you can use to get rid of a boil but sometimes old home remedies work best. Take a large Band-Aid and take a piece of fat from a strip of bacon. Place the bacon on the top of the boil and then hold it on with the Band-Aid. Leave it on over night the next day it should be ready. Now the next part will hurt just a little bit. After removing the Band-Aid and bacon sterilize the boil with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Take a sewing needle and sterilize it as well, then lance the center of the boil. Be sure and take some clean tissue and cover the boil and gently squeeze the boil. The puss should come out of the boil clean it with the tissue and boil it out with hydrogen peroxide pat off the excess and cover with a new Band-Aid. The boil should be completely gone in a few days to a week.
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