What is the natural remedies for sleep problems?

Q:My wife is pregnant and she can’t take medicines for sleep and she hardly sleeps 1 hr during night. As what are the remedies for to induce deep sleep without any side effects? As doctor have denied to prescribe medicined for sleep problems? And how to remove anxiety ?
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Dear friend, I can understand your problem.At present only one therapy can help you and i.e. HYPNOTHERAPY. This is druggless and natural scientific system. This wonderful system is related to our sub-conscious mind. By using this therapy you can solve both problem 1.Sleeplessness 2.Anxiety. And it is for your information that both problem are related to each other.And ultimately related to our mind. It is also advise you that by using this science “pre-natal education” (GARBH SHIKSHAN) is also posible.For further details you can contact on “[email protected] orC-205,MANUBHAI TOWER,OPP.ARTS FACULTY,ABOVE BJP OFFICE,SAYAJIGUNJ,BARODA-390005.GUJARAT,INDIA.
Hey please don’t listen to people suggesting of Benadryl for use in your case, if you go through the label itself it clearly says that the content has an addictive nature by itself, rest is up to you. Regarding the actual problem it has a very simple solution. If you believe in ancient techniques you can use your own hands to help your wife by simply applying some oil to her the centre of head with light tapping with centre of your open palm. Also toward the back of neck near shoulders and do little massage moving from top of the neck to shoulders in slow moment and applying little pressure with thumbs of your hands and see the benefits from day one itself.Milk with honey to taste is also a good remedy for this.Hope this helps you out.
Take the Homeopathic Remedy PULSATILLA 30 half hour before meals thrice a day and she will get to sleep without any side effects or complications. And it would help her in her pregnancy too.Take Care and God Bless you !
Administer some sedatives like benzodiazepines
During pregnancy some people faces so many difficulties.I heard from my mother.And this goes as soon as the child is born.So nothing to worry.She should be tension free as tension is not good for the baby and as well as mother.Take good fresh food ,including milk ,vegetables.fruits and proteins.Good luck.
Camomile tea will kill two birds with one stone .. the sleep problems and the anxiety. It makes you feel calm, relaxed and sleepy. She should have a nice warm bath at night, followed by some camomile tea or some hot chocolate. She should avoid anything with caffeine. It’s quite right that she shouldn’t be taking sleep medication (especially while pregnant) as these can become addictive.http://www.freewebs.com/spiritualhealing.
We do a home based business that has a natural sleeping aid that is all natural and chemical free.with a 500 inc company and we are loving the products. The name of the company is Melaleuca and there are a lot of products that you would enjoy also. Let me know,Rich
be very careful with natural remedies.natural does not mean safe. check with a pharmacist before giving her anything.keep in mind that some very powerful prescription medicines r actually derived from natural sources.consider some non-medicinal methods: -go to bed at similar times every night.-make the bedroom peaceful.not cluttered with work.-warm milk before bed-do a relaxing activity before bed (bath, reading, etc.)-avoid taking naps throughout the day. (if can’t avoid.then take very short naps..power naps of 10 min.)-no exercise/caffeine 4 hours before bedtime. (actually no caffeine 6 hours before bedtime.keep in mind chocolate, & some teas have caffeine.)-regular exercise (obviously in the morning/afternoon, and not too heavy)one over-the-counter medicine that is relatively safe for the baby.but i still would not use it everyday is benadryl.try a low dose first 12.5 mg (1/2 tablet)..then try 25 mg. don’t let her take more than 50 mg at one time.
you can better ‘ve a cup of milk while going before to sleep.its a good remedy.
benadryl is safe to use during pregnancy and can be used as a sleep aid
Warm milk. Milk has tryptophan, a natural sleep enhancer. Chamomile tea (check with doctor first).
During pregnancy period unless the doctors advise not to exert, do your work regularly with willingness and with smiles. Keep sharing your inner feelings and thoughts to your beloved one. If u r a believer in Almighty then think of your beloved god in child form as your ‘ would be child’ and repeat the thinking until u go to bed and and during the nap. Wish u a pleasant pregnancy and beautiful child..
equal quantities of jaggery and pea nuts can help if taken after dinner and just before going to bed
Insomnia (sleeplessness) is due to stress, dietary and medical problems. By making small lifestyle changes like having a fixeddaily routine, relaxing and eating properly, insomnia can becured. I found the information at http://tinyurl.com/jfzpz usefulfor getting sleep.
Hi MukeshHere you go.1. Very effective is the combination of bath and massage, particularly with a soothing oil, such as camomile. Herbal oils are easily made; check “Preparations,” Camomile and linden tea both can help a person relax and sleep. For a really stubborn case, take a cup of valerian tea or a couple of capsules with warm water. A pleasant walk out of doors can help a person relax enough to sleep. Sometimes the person’s blood sugar is a little low, and simply eating a piece of fresh fruit can put a person out. Warm tea with honey will do the same. 2.Not Hot Cocoa: Many of the people of Dutch extraction, that is, everyone from the Old Dutch Cleanser Girl to the Boy Who Put His Finger in the Dike, were prone to prepare themselves a nighttime cup of hot cocoa for the insomnia which prevailed in the land. Now.how can cocoa possibly cure insomnia when it contains 13.5 mg. of caffeine per cup? This practice was so extensive that it not only included family, but servants and visitors as well. This toxic dose of chocolate was topped with another toxin: cream or marshmallow. Anybody for a little chamomile? 3.Juices: Lettuce, celery, apple, onion. 4.Squash Seeds: Boiling squash seeds for a half an hour and then drinking the water has the effect of calming the nerves and helping in cases of insomnia and is good also for any urinary inflammation. 5.Vegetables for Insomnia: Cabbage, carrots, celery, collard greens, kale, lettuce, parsnips, potatoes, spinach, turnip greens, squash. Best of health to both of youCheers
Chamomile tea will definitely help. But the thing that helps me most, is warm milk with honey. Within 5 minutes of drinking it, I crawl in bed and sleep. It always relaxes me. Just put some milk in a mug, heat it up in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, and add about a spoonful of honey (depending on how sweet you like things). Drink and relax! I promise this will help.
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