how can one achieve eternal youth?

Q:aside from of surgery,exhausing and painful physical exercises and balanced diet
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The secret to eternal youth is arrested development. That and Taoist deer exercises. Use secretagogue-one. Its a powder that you mix with 6oz of water. Drink it on an empty stomach “everynight” right before bed. Its a blend of amino acids and nutrients. It improves physical performance, speeds recovery, increases cardio output, increases immune functions, prevents and reduces wrinkles and it eventually makes gray hair turn back to its natural color. It reverses the aging process. Whether your 30 or 130 it works. I’m 39 and been mistaken for mid to late 20s. I love it. You can get it at any vitamin/heath store. Look it up on line and read about it. I swear to God it works.
you’re kidding. right? ok you might want eternal youth but honestly. there is no way!! you should live life to the fullest and let yourself get older even though you don’t like it, because if you try loads of things to make yourself look youger, you will get into really big problems later!! there still has to be a certain amount of eating the proper foods and a little exercise such as walking etc.. to stay in shape but alot to do with attitude towards living and being happy. yr going to feel and look alot younger the happier you are in life. this article has a number of tips for all this. hope it helps meditation usually is considered a factor, along with exercise. Maintaining the mentality of not growing up to fast is certain to keep your eternal youth. An attitude towards the world around you benefits how well you are and sometimes it shows the world the possibility of growth becoming more and more adaptable and repairable through our own recognition of ourselves.
with the power of your mind and soul Eternal youth is not acievable..
Certainly possible . by becoming eternal only. No other way. Eternal youth is a state of mind. A false and kind of creepy state of mind. It makes you fall out of coconut trees, etc. Learn to age gracefully, Grasshopper.
I think it is definitely possible. We grow new cells every day. Why does our body have to age? We grow a whole new body from time to time after replacing all the cells. Why can’t we just keep growing young cells?I think it’s the mentality programmed into us. That leads us to a stagnant mentality, it leads us to become tired of being in our bodies, and it leads us to become “old.” I think if one can manage to keep the mindset of a young person forever, it will prolong the youth of the body, possibly indefinitely. By dying. you know, death remain young
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