Where can I get a fake docor’s excuse from on the internet?

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I wouldn’t want a lying cheating employee like you.
why dont you try your doctor and if he says no tell him youll switch doctors
Try Ebay!
If you’re just looking to play hooky or get things easy, it’ll come around to bite you in the as*. Trust me.
I won’t tell you, I don’t help people lie and cheat. I think you just better suck it up and tell your boss the truth.
There isn’t a doctor in the world that would put his name on an excuse via internet without seeing you. Should your employer followup with the doctor to see it is ligit you’d be busted and the doctor might be charged with medical mal-practice for falsifing a written false document. Doctors will NEVER put their license on the line for you. If you can get a fake doctors note it will be from someone that isn’t a doctor, should the excuse not come with a doctors license number, fax and phone numbers and signature, your employer will fire you on the spot for making up an excuse for not coming to work those days in question. Apparently your employer doesn’t believe you were ill, you are doomed! Sorry for the news! Source(s):I’ve been an employer, I know the ropes!
I dont think you can but with most companies if you’re only off for a day you don’t need one. good luck
http://www.webcrawler.com/inf%E1%BB%8Dwbcrwl/search/web/doctor%20excuse%20formI didn’t think I’d find one, but I did, so here it is.although I don’t recommend this!
shouldn’t have done what you did..
You should not have skiped work Forget it – you’ll get fired..quit lying…
Just tell you employer verbally – I’m sure he will believe you
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