Any one who posts here will get 10 points!?

Q:If you can tell me a home remedy to helping you with nausea?and of course everyone can’t get 10 points:)
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Ginger (ginger tea, ginger ale, etc) works for a lot of people. I have also heard good things about peppermint tea, but it seems a wee bit to harsh on a nauseous stomach. You might try eating some plain saltine crackers, that seems to help me. Calming scents such as lavender, or chamomile might help.There is also a line of naturopathic remedies available at your local health food store that might help!
“how about a nice, greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray.”
Ginger is good for nausea. Either the spice or ginger ale. Saltine cracker will help too.
Eating an apple helps me with mild nausea. Otherwise ginger. EAT GARLIC AND ONIONS !
This sounds odd but it can help. Uncarbonated cola. Stirring a glass of cola with a wooden spoon can get rid of the carbonation.
everyone will get 10 points? i don’t know if you noticed hun but you can only give the 10 point to one person..
i think your offer of 10 pt to every one is ridiculous, as you don’t have authority to give them… any way .. you have not given any details of the type or causes of your sickness.. your symptom.. before prescribing medicine all the information must be provided.. pl go to a homoeopathy doctor.. for every symptom they have different prescription
I want my 10 points and that is all!!!
excercise while listening to music, it puts your mind on two things other than the nausea
congratulations on your tic tac.
ginger. marshmallow root. licorice root.
how would i get 10 points ? i only will get 2
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