Haven’t had a bowel movement in nearly 5 days – what to do?

Q:I’ve tried:bran, cascara segrada, psyllium, oral laxative (prodium & metamucil), prune juice, water, exercise, coffee, oatmeal, carrots, beans, glycerin suppository, even an enema. Nothing is working and I’m feeling nauseous most of the time.I live in a remote area of the rocky mountains and we do have a hospital in the area, but that’s where people go when they’re nearly dead, not when they can’t poop! I’d really appreciate any advice. I am willing to try just about anything. There is a large store about an hour away, so don’t be afraid to suggest store-bought cures as well as ones that might grow wild.Thank-you to all who will take the time to read and answer this.
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have you tried drinking lots of water and moving around. Mix a dose of milk of magnesia with half a cup of prune juice with lots of water round the clock.
Ok moving .. u can try exercise and lots of water… u must drink a lot… but u can get sick with this u can start to vomit up excretal matter if u get too bogged up see a doc u could have something jammed or twisted who knows..i rememember once i did this hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… culdnt flush the toilet either… man…. after that i ate regularly but it came down to nervs was why it happened
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