I was diagnosed with 397 cholasterol LDL 300, HDL73 any advice besides medications such as Lipitor, Zucor?

Q:I have been battling with high cholasterol for years and I refused to take medications as I am more inclined to do alternative solution, if I could. I watched what I eat, I exercise, I have a good active lifestyle, I drink a lot of tea, avoid fatty foods, but nothing seems to work. Your knowledgeable advice are welcome and thank you for time, I appreciate it.
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Just by the by – omega-3 fatty acids (modestly) lower TRIGLYCERIDE levels, not LDL/cholesterol.I agree with the rest of the advice given (oatmeal, walnuts, almonds, flavenoids).BUT, you have very high cholesterol, quite suggestive of a familial problem. Diet and lifestyle modifications certainly do help, and I would definitely encourage you to engage in them, but a genetically high-set cholesterol can only be lowered so much.Seriously – consider a statin (crestor, etc). Adding Lecithin, Niacin (B3), Garlic, Apples, Fish, Legumes, etc. to a diet and, at the same time, avoid the usual items like sugar, alcohol, fatty fast foods, etc.Soft boiled eggs will help lower cholesterol the lecithan in a soft boiled egg is very high. Read my answer at Source(s):http://youqa.com/question/index;_ylt=AuNSwHqtsxHYc0AG5SKyTK7sy6IX?qid=20060619175154AAcLP7K
I agree with everything that’s been said so far: lose weight by exercising, eating more vegetables, cutting salt, drinking 8 glasses of water a day, having a bowl of oatmeal or Cheerios in the morning with fat free or low fat milk and including garlic and olive oil in your diet. This will help your arteries in general.(I have high cholesterol, too!)
It would be wise for you to take the medication to help lower it and get It under control. Because if not it could leave to a heart attack. I take zocor they are great . Please get it under control soon. With the medication and a good diet you will see the change. eat right, exercise, drink lots of water, LOSE WEIGHT, do as your doctor tells youyou have a medical professional taking care of you and diagnosing you.and you come here looking for advice?whatever…
Homeopathy For High Cholesterol :-1.PHYTOLACCA 30C2.PHOSPHORUS 30C3.CHOLESTERINUM 30CAll three together half hour before or after meals thrice a day will gradually bring down your cholesterol without any side effects or complications. Keep me posted about your progress every week ! You can find Homeopathic Remedies on Most Herbal Shops and they are quite inexpensive. Take Care and God Bless ! Do you know that you are a stroke waiting to happen? I take Lipitor, 10 mg, cut out as much salt as possible and I’m doing great. Take the meds or you’ll be taking a lot more meds with a stroke or heart attack.
Try a vegan diet. Even watching your weight, eating what you think is low fat, healthy, etc. isn’t always healthy. You should see an acupuncturist. They’ll probably change your diet, vitamin, excercise plan, and give you good advice. Do it soon or start taking meds. Ask you Dr about Vytorin. It works and will get your levels down in 3 months. Once the levels are down , then you can try other things.
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