Does anybody have a few hints on keeping midges away,?

Q:i am going vamping in a few weeks and the last time they ate me and hubby alive ,sorry meant camping vamping sounds good though.
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Use some insect
I think you should go vamping and then you can bite all them midgets Midge repellant cream
You can buy an essential oil called citronella at most pharmacies,if you dab some onto a cotton wool ball and rub it around your ankles,wrists,neck in fact anywhere that you have not covered up it will help to protect you from most insect bites,you could also wipe some around the inside of your tent.It has a pleasent lemon smell,you can also buy outdoor candles that have the same oil in them,burn them outside where you are sitting at night.Happy camping,or even vamping,that sounds good too. lemongrass 100% essential oil. Midges can’t stand it. I live in n.w. scottish highlands. Real midgie country.Di j try eating Garlic capsules. Animals can prevent fleas by doing this as the fleas hate the garlic in their blood so there’s a good chance it will work for humans too and the capsules stop the nasty side effect of garlic-breath.Oops! sorry, forgot Vamps don’t like garlic! The best policy is to avoid them if you can. They don’t like bright light, and don’t like it totally dark, so you are safe at night. They also don’t like it windy, so always pitch your tent where you get a bit of a breeze. They don’t like smoke, so either cigarettes (not recommended) mosquito coils, or joss sticks are quite an active deterrent. Walking at more than 4 miles per hour is also quite effective as they cannot fly that fast. You can buy fine mesh midge hoods and jackets, but I find that they can be uncomfortably stuffy.As far as chemical deterrents are concerned I have found most of the brands you buy as insect repellents are effective, but some are cosmetically more pleasant to use than others. I have found that the much recommended Avon Skin so soft is useless, unless you apply so much the midges can’t get through it.If you wake up to a damp grey still morning between June and September it is likely to be midgy, so reach for your chosen deterrent, or make a run for the car. Dawn and dusk are the worst times for midges, so remember to zip your tent up well at night, or you may wake up itching.A tube of Benadryl cream in you first aid kit is useful if they manage to outwit you – I find it more effective than Anthisan.Enjoy your tripPS They are attracted by your exhaled carbon di-oxide, so strenuous excercise is likely to attract them more. Source(s):I live in a midgy part of the world, and am allergic to the little beasties citronella! but we use avon skin so soft spray, it works on the horses and works on us to hehe
the thing midges hate most is avon’s skin-so-soft dry oil spray – seriously, the army use it! i do too, it really works. also, i love the idea of soldiers soldiering about smelling of soft ‘n’ sensual 😉 Use Avon Skin so Soft. it is guaranteed to work. P.S. What is vamping
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