does anyone know a good natural treatment for asthma for a toddler?

Q:does anyone know a good natural treatment for asthma for a toddler?
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First and foremost have your child under a Dr.’s care asthma is very serious condition, and I sure that you know that death can result, but also scarring of the lungs and bronchul tubes as well. I was a severe asthmatic as a child, medication did very little. The only thing that helped my condition was chiropractic care, I know that seems simple but it was a miracle for me. The nerves that come from the brain stem that control respiration are in the cerivical spine when these vertabrae have subluxation they interfer with these nerves, and there function. My symptoms decreased by 90%!! The rest of them were helped by detoxifiy my body with herbs, and improving my diet. I have not had an attack in over 10 years. Find a Dr. that has training in alternative medicine, or at least one who is open to other therapys. Then consult a trained certified naturapathy, these people are trained in vitamins, herbs, minerals etc. They also can help with relaxation techninques, this is very important because attacks can be brought on by stress, and aniexty. Getting a massage regularly can also help, because it can relax the muscles in the chest and between the shoulder blades. These areas are usually tightened by having attacks. Please understand, I’m still an asthmatic, but I have no symptoms that affect my daily life. You will always have to watch and know the symptoms and warning signs, because there is never a guarentee that an attack won’t happen. I’m a massage therapist, and a volunteer firefighter. While firefighting I’ve never had any trouble putting water on a fire, crawling through a burning building, or pulling someone out of a buliding. Good Luck, and have hope. Always remember to keep his Dr. aware of any alternative therapies, and supplements he is on. This can prevent interactions with RX’s and other supplements.
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