how would i know if the tonsilitis/infe. is viral or bacterial?

Q:it’s swolen and red. i’m having a hard time swallowing food.. what is a good remedy without going to the doctor?
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Generally if it is viral or bacterial you are going to feel bad. The answer up above is wrong. Viral and bacterial will both give you a fever. Fever is the body’s way of getting rid of virus’s and bacteria. The little devils like to live in your body at 98.6 F. Your body gets hot to kill them off. If it is bacterial it is possibly strep throat. Strep will usually produce white patchy pus areas on the back of the throat and on the tonsils. Viral infections will just tend to be red and swollen but sometimes it also produces white patchy areas. Strep will usually cause you to have high fevers. Unless you get on antibiotics the fevers will get worse and you will get very sick. Viral will also give you fevers although not real high. Viral has a tendency to go away, bacterial will hang on. Drink lots of water, get plenty of rest, take Tylenol and go see your doctor or go to the ER and get your throat swabbed. It called a rapid strep screen. It only take a few minutes and if it is bacterial will save you many days of agony and potentially septic problems. Good luck read a book on it or go see your doctor.
You are going to have to go to the doctor. He can take a swab of your throat and find out from the lab results if it is bacterial or viral. You could have strep throat which is contagious.For now, gargle with warm salt water. The pharmacies also carry throat sprays to help cool and numb the throat.
The first part of your question-go to a Doctor!the second part if you ignore the answer to the first part, try gargling with warm (as hot as you can tolerate) salt water before bed and when you wake. Source(s):from my red headed hillbilly granny Usually with a virus, you have a fever. With a bacterial infection, you don’t. Take some pain relievers. Try gargling with salt water. Get some sore throat spray, and zinc helps.
that the effects of it The only way to know for sure is for a health professional to do a culture.
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