Can I give Reiki to someone on chemo?

Q:Can I give Reiki to someone on chemo?
More Answers to “Can I give Reiki to someone on chemo?
Yes. You certainly can. It can help improve the efficacy of the treatment and also reduce the side effects.
NEVER give any meds to anyone predscribed to you or anyone else without talking to a dr.
Remember that Reiki is “Universal Life Energy”. Whenever you share your compassion with the purpose of healing someone; Reiki works for the best outcome for Love to be expressed and realized. There is no danger in Loving someone so there no danger sharing Reiki with someone. Yes. It could help the person. I did a Reiki course last year, but haven’t used it on anyone. I need to do a refresher course now.
Absolutely!! Reiki will NEVER hurt! Actually it might even help the chemo therapy work better and most likely will help the person who has the chemo to deal with it better (both fysical and mental)..Wish the person in question strenght ;o)
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