I have trouble falling asleep. Any advice?

Q:I take sleeping pills but I want to get off them. When I don’t take them I’m up at 2:40 in the morning like I am right now! Sometimes I’ll be up for 30-40 hours before I can fall asleep naturally. Any Advice.Oh by the way I don’t care about the emotional stemmings of why I can’t sleep just tell me how I can. Like home remedies or things you try to help you fall asleep.And for all of you that are gonna say sex that just wakes me up even more so don’t bother putting it.
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I have the same problem. I tend to think a lot when I try to go to sleep. (Curse of being so smart. he he) I try to lay off caffine or limit it during the day. Try to exercise regulary. Sleeping pills do not work for me. They just make me worse. Gets me all anxious. The best thing for me is not eating my dinner too late in the evening. It tends to get my energy up and I tend to start doing stuff like answer questions on Yahoo instead of going to sleep. Try having a hot bath followed by a glass of milk. This normally helps me. Sometimes I put on a CD of classical music switch off the lights get under my duvet after keeping the temp settings a little below my comfort levels. I find a cooler room helps me to sleep better.Good Night
Valerian root works really well for me, research it a bit on a good search engine and figure out what kind you’d like to try. I buy a brand called solaray (they also market other herbs and supplements) at the health food store. Can be habit forming, shouldn’t mix with alcohol, varying potencies.Some people say kava-kava helps immensely, personally it makes me feel nauseated.also a good calcium-magnesium supplement helps if you feel jittery or get restless legs. Sometimes you have to play with the ratio of calcium and magnesium, good natural food stores will have a variety of mixtures of the two and other minerals that you can try. Both my wife and my mother have found this to be their essential bed-time ritual although they need different amounts of each.Chamomile tea. Hot/warm milk. Having sufficient exercise during day but not too close to bed time, laying off of caffeine, energy drinks, nicotine, amphetamines, X, marijuanna too close to bedtime. (although some people say herb makes them sleepy, others get amped from it)White noise machines, fans, colder/warmer bedroom temps.having good “sleep hygene” a bed time you can use regularly.if you’re up all night a lot, or not getting enough sunlight during day it can help to have access to full spectrum lamps during waking hours. good luck, insomnia can get serious and sometimes requires medical attention. If you simply can’t get ANY sleep for a couple of days and begin to have difficulty reading/driving etc. make it a priority you can order your life around and if you still can’t sleep get to a doctor, and maybe sleep in a sleep lab where they can document why/how you have trouble sleeping. How about an evening jog, or walk, a long hot bath, but I guess that wouldn’t be a good idea with your present situation.
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